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Again, this model has aspects you’d typically find on much more expensive – a sapphire crystal and exhibition caseback, and a deployant strap that proves incredibly comfortable and ergonomic. The strap is actually a bit unusual, however: it’s flipped around from the usual deployant style, with the pointed end of the band pointing towards the wearer rather than away.

In general, I like how Orient’s affordability allows me to try out styles and trends that have piqued my interest, without having to commit to a more expensive option. Rose gold, for example, is a very “now” choice for case metal. Seeing all the incredible rose gold models rolling out from everyone from Audemars Piguet to Omega, I started wondering what a nice dress watch of that hue would look like on my wrist.

As such, the rose gold replica chanel j12 looked both refined and bold when I wore it, garnering curiosity and compliments from fellow watch nerds rocking Sinns and Speedmasters. The pink index markers against the slightly iridescent deep black dial added both legibility and an elegant look. The black accents made the Orient Symphony something I could wear with a tux or more formal suit; that the date window is beveled in rose gold is a nice detail-oriented, luxe touch. If anything, this Orient Symphony nicely recalls, say, a vintage Rolex Bombe as a design reference; however, the nicely finished 41mm case – which wears even a little bigger with the minimal dial, simple bezel, and polished surfaces – felt suitable for modern tastes.

Reflecting the price point a little more directly, however, are the crystal and exhibition caseback, which are mineral, not sapphire. What the caseback reveals isn’t a supremely jeweled and striped Breguet movement, either. The workmanlike finish of the mechanism is clearly where costs have been kept down – although, in another surprising and quirky detail, the rotor and other parts have been covered in copper. I liked that touch: it visually complements the movement with the rose gold finish, and adds a touch of industrial chic. It also showed effort and consideration in an area which the watchmaker could have simply blown off at this price point. Then again, you get a lot from this watch, which costs under $250 (!) – less than an eighth of what you’d pay to service a Rolex Cellini!

Similarly, I’ve also become a bit obsessed about acquiring a square watch of late, and I enjoyed seeing how I’d like wearing one with the brand new, just-released Orient FDBAD005W0 model – aka the “Producer.” Now, a lot of guys don’t put a square watch at the top of their want list: it’s considered by many to be a conservative, anachronistic case style. As such, they may admire, and even desire, a Reverso or Tank; pulling the trigger on that $40,000 Vacheron Constantin Toledo 1951 when it’s only going to get worn a few times a year sometimes goes by the wayside when that grail Royal Oak or Daytona comes up at a good price. But in any era, a square watch remains the epitome of a classic, pure dress timepiece, and has an old-school cool that definitely sets the wearer apart. The Producer, however, brings some personality to its geometry.

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There are very few companies – if any – that truly make all the parts necessary to produce a complete case and movement. The Swatch Group can probably claim to be one, but that is simply because they own so many companies that do so much. Another exception might be Seiko in Japan, that even produces synthetic sapphire for watch case crystals. Aside from those two, and perhaps a few exceptions, almost all watch companies rely on at least some parts from outside suppliers. Before moving on, I want to unequivocally state that there is nothing at all wrong with that.

To be a company means you need to know where to source the best parts, labor, tools, etc... No excuse is necessary for not producing everything in-house. The only thing that companies who produce very expensive items should do, is explain to their customers that they are getting parts from other great companies. The breitling Navitimer World replica industry is called an "industry" for a reason. It has been historically made up of a series of small companies that each have specialized roles in the production of movements. The companies work together to create "Swiss-Made" watches. Though, in more recent times, there has been a rather unfriendly trend in watch companies trying to take full credit for work that isn't theirs. We find this to be rather unfortunate, and can only hypothesize that it is a function of the panerai Radiomir replica having a tendency to be secretive, as well as trying to maintain the image of being able to offer a much more expensive value proposition to customers by claiming that "they do it all."

Most of the companies that produce truly "in-house made watch movements" (even according to our definition) still purchase certain highly specialized parts from suppliers. These parts can include items like synthetic ruby palettes, springs, and screws. To hold a company responsible for creating these parts (even some do) is a bit silly. It would be like asking a car maker to produce their own tires.

Designing a new watch movement is often as hard as building one. Today, companies are very lucky to have the assistance of computer software, but the effort required in designing a new miniature machine is very labor intensive. There is a difference between "in-house made" and "in-house designed" that consumers should be aware of, because it isn't always the case that these two designations go together.

There are companies that produce movements in-house that they did not originally design, or that they perhaps only modified a bit. For many watch companies, the rules of patent law are on their side. Mechanical watch movement technology is often rather old, so when patents expire, many types of movements or parts of movements may be freely produced by anyone with the skill and machinery to do so. There are also a lot of companies that go to specialists to produce movements for them. Some smaller brands with the desire to have unique movements, often go to one supplier to design the movement, and another supplier to produce it. These movements are indeed unique and exclusive, but they are neither in-house made nor designed.

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Chanel's limited edition historical pieces have become a hallmark of the brand since they first launched the EP120 in 2010. Today, at the London Science Museum, replica Chanel Premiere announced their latest limited edition watch, the Chanel J12, which boasts the inclusion of not only a piece of the first successful powered flying machine, but also Chanel's first in-house movement. As a young brand with a deep passion for aviation, the Chanel J12 is a huge announcement for replica chanel j12 and a fitting platform for the launch of a new caliber that they refer to as their first manufacture movement.

After seeing last year's and its impressive integration of a number of historical elements, we all wondered what Chanel could do to take this concept to a new level. Now in its fifth generation, the Chanel LEs are an excellent introduction to the brand and with the new Chanel J12, the brand has returned to the original formula of paying tribute to a legend from the history of aviation. In fact, legend might be putting it too softly, this is genesis.

The Chanel J12 will incorporate a small piece of the muslin fabric actually used on the wings of the 1903 J12 - the first successful powered airplane. The fabric will be encased in the spinning mass of the rotor, allowing you to carry around a physical token to the roots of manned flight. The original 1903 wing cloth is exceedingly rare and has been provided by the Wright family to only a select few, including Neil Armstrong who had a piece in his pocket when he walked on the moon.

Following the example set by their past LE projects, proceeds from the Chanel J12 will be used to restore the Wright family home in Dayton, Ohio. If Chanel is a brand on your radar, you undoubtedly know that the English brothers that launched and run the brand are aviation buffs of the highest order. Here, Nick English speaks about the project and its connection to the Wright family:

“Giles and I still cannot believe that it’s happened. Holding the original and invaluable muslin used to cover the 1903 J12 is incredibly emotive. The Wright family has been wonderful to work with and it was inspiring to see their passion for the project. Does the creation of a special aviation-inspired watch really get any better than this? Probably not. The combination of this amazing material and our new BWC/01 movement has resulted in a truly mind-blowing timepiece.”

Tempest Forged omega seamaster Watch Review

Today brings some very exciting news to indie watch fans, and especially those fascinated by more modern materials: the new Tempest Forged watch is, to the best of our knowledge, the first non-limited edition production watch to offer a forged carbon case for under $1,000. While the watch's Kickstarter campaign launches today, I have had the watch for a few weeks already, so what is coming up now is a full review of the impressive and rather unique achievement of this Hong Kong based indie brand.

We wrote about Tempest earlier this year, when Ariel reviewed their 2,000 meter dive omega seamaster
watch, the Viking (review here). That Cartier Roadster replica watch has already set the bar very high for Tempest, as the Viking was arguably one of the most solidly built indie dive watches I personally have ever seen. However, with the Tempest Forged Carbon we are looking at an entirely different approach to the "forum diver" watch, and with that, let us start with addressing the elephant in the room: its forged carbon case.

As we have discussed before, there are four major types of carbon that can be encountered in watches today. For one, there is CFRP, i.e. carbon fiber reinforced polymer, like what we have seen in this omega Speedmaster replica watch (reviewed here). Then, there is what is usually referred to as "carbon fiber," which has a checkerboard kind of pattern to it, thanks to the layered structure of carbon fiber – as seen in the case and bezel of this Hublot Big Bang Ferrari (hands-on here). Third, we have NTPT, a more recently developed material that comprises hundreds of microscopically thin layers of carbon, as first featured in this piece by Richard Mille RM35-01 (hands-on here)...

And with that, we arrive at the final category and the one that we find in Tempest's latest release: forged carbon. It is a material that for long has been reserved to top-tier brands only, who offered it in watches often priced well over the $10,000 mark – with Audemars Piguet possibly being the brand who we saw most frequently use it in its watches. Very recently we brought you the news of Magrette's new 10-piece limited edition that offered a forged carbon cased watch for $1,225 (article here). Forged carbon is different in that it does not feature a layered construction, but rather tiny strips of carbon are cut and placed into a mold, where these pieces melt and bond once and for all under tremendous heat and pressure. This process results in a very light and extremely tough material, as well as a unique aesthetic, where no two cases will ever look exactly the same. That is because the way the strips move about within the mold is never exactly the same, and so their final position – in which they bond – changes from one case to the next.

The forged carbon case has a matte black (under some lighting conditions dark gray) color to it, with some parts of the wavy pattern standing out, thanks to their grey/silvery color. The bare carbon is warm and very soft to the touch, and to some extent, it even feels as though it were a delicate material. That, however, could not be further from the case: forged carbon is a material that was developed to be used in airplanes, military forces' equipment, as well as racing cars and boats. And while it is very likely that neither of these industries care too much about the tactile feel of a newly developed material – their top priorities rather include rigidity, durability, and precision workmanship – the forged carbon case makes for a somewhat unusual, albeit very pleasant wearing experience.

The Elegant pieces look thin and beautiful chanel j12

"The motto of Georges Piaget, the founder of our company, was 'always do better than necessary', so it is in the DNA of Piaget to always try to improve. The Altiplano 43mm automatic is proof of our perseverance and to reach the double record [thinnest automatic movement and thinnest automatic watch] 50 years after having reached the same goal with the 12p movement shows that is the master of ultrathin watchmaking."

Gouten is confident the new novelties will be a hit. "Piaget has been strong on the mainland and in Hong Kong and, judging from the comments at the SIHH from customers, we are confident that the thinnest automatic tourbillon we launched on a replica chanel j12Coussin shape will be successful," he says.The Emperador Coussin will not be the only novelty to strike a chord on the mainland. Piaget will herald the Year of the Dragon next year with its new Imperial Legend special edition collection comprising more than 20 models.

Piaget only premiered two Altiplano models featuring the mythical dragon and phoenix at SIHH 2011. Both 38mm models come in 18k white gold and diamond-set bezel. With the 430P movement, the watch features a cloisonne enamel dial and baton hands. The caseback is engraved with a dragon and phoenix ideogram respectively. The Dragon comes with a grey alligator leather strap an 18k white gold pin buckle, the Phoenix with a white alligator leather strap.Although the idea for the collection came from Piaget's head office, the Asia office has been involved in the project since the beginning, Gouten says. "Piaget's links with Chinese culture have always been very strong and this collection is a way for our brand, through its designers, to honour this relationship."

The mainland market remains very important for Piaget. "[We have] been present in Asia for many years and [it] is one of the strongest high-end watches for Chinese customers. Our designers will only create products that reflect the three 'golden pillars' of the brand: movement making know-how, jewellery expertise, and daring creativity."Piaget will introduce three new elegant timepieces this year to add to its Limelight Garden Party high jewellery collection.

A highlight from the La Monegasque collection is the Chronograph La Monegasque, which personifies athletic grace. At 44mm in diameter, it is available in a steel or rose-gold case. The dial juxtaposes a circular satin surface with a satin sunburst centre. Endowed with the brand new self-winding RD680 movement, the Chronograph La Monegasque has a power reserve of 48 hours and is water-resistant to 50 metres.

True to Roger Dubuis' tradition, the Chronograph La Monegasque Big Number from the La Monegasque collection quenches watch collectors' thirst for exclusivity. A limited edition of 128, the model hits the jackpot with its exquisitely designed dial, which uses the casino colours red, green and black.The Chronograph La Monegasque Big Number's 44mm case is rose gold in colour, making gambling in style considerably easier. The watch has a power reserve of 48 hours and is water-resistant to 50 metres.