Omega Replica Watch Review

The is based on the tried and true ETA (neé Valjoux) 7750 movement, modified to include a column-wheel chronograph function. This movement is found in various forms throughout their collections and in similarly modified forms throughout the Swatch Group umbrella. It beats with an amplitude of 28,800hz and has a power reserve of roughly 54 hours.

One thing I have come to really appreciate about tag heuer replica’ modern collection is its elegant simplicity. They are, for the most part, universally praised as lovely, simple, robust timepieces with classic style and tremendous value. The Omega Replica is no exception. It wears well on the wrist, its 41mm diameter has presence without being oversized. The thickness is a bit much, particularly when paired with the heavy bracelet, but it would be a challenge to find something thinner in its price bracket.

The dial detail is superb, with texturing and polished elements in all the right places, and its Super Luminova plots remain bright after dark. Anyone who knows my taste in modern watches will know I have a particular disdain for display backs on watches without extravagantly detailed movements, and again I see no need for one here: but it is something consumers have come to expect from mechanical watches, so I’ll shut up for the time being.

Very few would have anything seriously negative to say about this watch. This chronograph version of the Conquest Classic line is a very pleasing if not somewhat uninspired timepiece. This is not to say that it isn’t an effective timekeeper or even a lovely wristwatch: it is all of those things. There is just no standout point of debate or point of contention. It is simple, effective, and classic.

While the retail price of $3,175 is somewhat on the high end of the spectrum for what the timepiece offers, a quick search of trusted retailers brings the more likely sales price way down – almost into “how could I not buy this watch?” territory.

My nits (and I am stretching here to find any sort of reasonable flaw) are that the bracelet end links aren’t a great fit, and make some noise on the wrist. I think I’d prefer a leather strap on this watch anyway, as a little polished steel goes a long way in my book. And to that end, I’d probably prefer the black dial version as well. Regardless, this is a solid timepiece that, while it offers nothing exceptional in regards to design or movement, is a winner for its simplicity.,1862

Tips on spotting a fake Rolex

The fake IB011012/B968-TT replica watch industry is a $9 billion global industry and growing. Many people believe that purchasing a fake or replica watch (as they now prefer to be called) is a harmless pastime, and an easy way to cut an expensive corner so as to enjoy the real deal, but the fact is, most fake and replica watch sales can be traced back to organised crime and the proceeds go towards funding other criminal activities. Criminals do not need to rob banks when they can rob Rolex Submariner Automatic with Green watch companies of their intellectual property.

There are probably more fake Rolexes than there any other brand, and just about every model in the Rolex collection has been obsessively copied. With careful observation you can still tell a fake from an original. Here for example are some key signs to look out for if and when someone offers you a cut price Rolex. A real Rolex is a top quality product, be suspicious if the following do not seem quite right.

Tips on spotting a fake Rolex
There are other pointers that can help you determine whether or not you have a real Rolex in your hand, and one of these is weight, if it feels light it is probably a fake, but bear in mind many replicas are weighed to achieve the exact same weight as the real thing. Take a look at the quality of the crown and the pushers if you buy a chronograph, these should be high quality machined and polished components which perform faultlessly time after time.

The Sapphire Crystal: Rolex watches are fitted with a sapphire crystal (the glass lens on the watch) that can only be scratched with a diamond, if the lens scratches easily, you know it’s not sapphire crystal.A Smooth Movement: Nowadays many fake Rolexes are fitted with reliable Chinese, Japanese and sometimes Swiss automatic hacking movements. Hacking is when the second hand will stop for you to set the exact time. In fact these work reliably and smoothly, so it will be difficult to detect any difference without having a watch dealer open up the case to check.The Bracelet: When you remove a genuine Rolex bracelet you will discover the watch’s case number and model number engraved on the side at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock.

A Rolex with an Alarm complication

IB011012/B968-TT replica, the powerhouse of the Swiss watch industry, is respected and renowned for many things. It is, however, fair to say that regularly updating their lines and pushing the limits on design is not one of those things.

A case in point, Rolex Submariner Automatic with Green have never released a watch with an alarm complication under the their own name. The closest you're going to get to this in the near future is (unless we see some major upsets at Basel 2011) this watch from Tudor. Now for those of you who may not know, (if that's the case; what kind of rock have you been living under? It's not like we haven't been talking about them) is a subsidiary company of Rolex - kind of a "Rolex" if you're being uncharitable, or as we prefer to think of them, vintage Rolex style without the vintage Rolex premium. (See here and here for some great examples).

The Tudor we have for you today is a Tudor Advisor from the late 1950's - the combination of graceful aging and classic Rolex styling (along with the ever reliable A. Schild movement) make this a very attractive watch. But what really sells it for us is the alarm. The alarm complication is one of really limited application, often not noisy enough to wake you, and not particularly accurate, it really comes from a pre-electronic world, and conjures up images of Mad Men-esque businessmen - an image only reinforced by the model name of this watch, the 'Advisor.' We guarantee that every time you hear the warm, spring driven whirr of the alarm, you will almost believe you are living in a time where Blackberries and iPhones never existed, surely not a completely bad thing?
While it's common to see tropical dials on Explorers, Speedmasters, and Submariners, it's not that common to see tropical dials on Daytonas, and far less common to see them on a white-dialed version, with the fading taking place within the registers. Beginners may not understand the appeal of the tropical dial, but to serious collectors, it's an important and sought after attribute.

To find a Paul Newman Daytona with tropical subdials is exceedingly difficult (a prize goes to anyone that can find another one for sale today - leave a comment with a link), and as the seller (Matthew Bain) says, he's only seen this twice in the last 20 years. Add in the fact that this tropical dial Newman has all original warranties, papers, boxes, and service receipts since its 1966 inception, and you have one of the greatest vintage Rolex chronographs we've ever seen. This is one we'd buy ourselves, if only we could.

The Many Faces Of The Legendary Cartier Santos 100 Watch

A third approach is to seek out a derivative cartier Santos 100 replica model. Either something as simple as one with a white face or full calendar movement, or an even drastic alteration such different hands, cases, or other features that practically make the Santos 100 a different watch altogether. Some of these can be quite appealing, others are obviously experiments from cartier roadster replica that did not quite make it (lots of gold or diamond for example). It is interesting however to see what Cartier has given us over the years.

Don't expect much to change with the Santos 100, companies tend not to mess with a proven formula. Years of watches don't signify an evolution, but rather minor revisions from time to time along with technological improvements. The history is fascinating, and itself is telling of the progress made by the watch making industry. What is my pick? I like the modern approach to the time-test classic. The thinnest white hands on the minimalist functional face with, with conveniences such as automatic movements, sapphire crystals and high quality comfortable bracelets. That will do nicely for me.

For those collectors who gobble up each new Santos 100, keep up the love; for the rest of you consider adding some manner of Cartier Santos 100 to your collection to know what all the fuss is about.The internal waiting list at Cartier itself is about a year to buy the replica Of The Moon black ceramic version of the Santos 100 replica. Hitting retailers at about the time we publish this post, it is going to be the hot Cartier for a while. What is really impressive is that the ceramic case is polished to match the steel version of the watch in a fantastically satisfying manner. Sporty and modern, yet traditional and functional, the replica Of The Moon is perhaps the most interesting member of the already interesting new Santos 100 collection with its in-house made Cartier Santos 100 replica (reviewed here).

The Cartier Santos 100 'Santos 100 is one of the latest iterations of the Santos 100 line, and when I saw it in person, I was taken. I'd started to be drawn more to the Santos 100 line this year in general. At the same time, I've started to be drawn more to white-dialed watches - which meant that the Santos 100 that everyone knows and loves wasn't quite my cup of tea. That was, until Cartier changed the cup. Upon the arrival of the replica Santos 100 'Santos 100, with its bright white dial and dual-register layout, and I became a fan. While the one I reviewed here came in yellow gold, I think I'd more likely opt for a different model. That said, I'd have a very hard time choosing between the steel model with blue dial ($9,000) and the titanium version with a white dial ($11,400). The Santos 100 has been one of the most popular sport watches since its walk on the moon, and this latest version manages to be simultaneously familiar and refreshingly different. This particular model pulls together some great elements from others in its lineup, meaning you can recognize where the watch came from, while still rocking a more modern feeling design. And hey, even if you're a traditionalist and go for the black dial, you're still getting some great design and history, paired up with an excellent movement.

Cartier Roadster Watches

The atomic submarine Cartier Santos replica was the first to successfully reach the North Pole and surface through the polar ice, which was as much a coup de etat for science and exploration as it was for posturing against our communist counterparts. During these explorations, the Captains of the Nautilus were given original cartier pasha replica wristwatches. The strong magnetic fields in the region would wreak havoc with standard non-insulated measurement tools, so the anti-magnetic properties of the timepiece made it a useful piece of kit.

Ultimately, the original firmly encapsulated the “geo-political” vibe of its era in regards to exploration and conflict, and provided perhaps the most straightforward and simply elegant tool for the job. Due to limited production and distribution, these originals are rarities on the collector market, and it is terrific to see a modern homage being brought to market that honors both the design and “emotion” of its ancestor.

Getting right into it, the new Cartier Roadster 1958 is a 38.5mm men’s timepiece fitted with the brand new Calibre 898/1 automatic winding movement. It is available cased in steel, 18k rose gold, and platinum. There will be 800 pieces in steel, 300 in rose, and just 58 in platinum. Pricing starts at $9,800 for the steel version, $20,800 for the rose, and $32,000 in platinum.

Like the original, the new release has anti-magnetic properties, providing protection up to 600 gauss. While it is unlikely that many of these will see the kind of serious field use that the originals did, it is nice to know that Cartier didn’t cut any corners when designing it. In fact, in-house at the brand there was controversy over the re-release of the watch (as there always is when it comes to what models they ought to re-release). We are told that the debate within Cartier was intense, and pushed through by those members of their inner team that passionately felt the return of the Roadster collection would add a welcome character to the overall product line even beyond these initial limited edition models.

Like the originals, the design of the Roadster is clean and sharp, coupling crisp case design with clean white crosshair dials. The steel and rose versions sport Arabic numerals at 3,6,9, and 12, while the Platinum version features numerals only at 12 and 6, closest to the original design. The design of the hands are modeled after the original as well, and feature the same pre-patinated lume coloration as other pieces in the Tribute collection.

Chanel J12 Chromatic Watches

In contrast, the replica Chanel watches’s silvered eggshell dial and blued steel baton hands are bright and cheery, evoking the optimistic start to the 1950s, a decade of innovation, discovery, and baby boomers. The result is a very different vibe from the 1931 models, that lends itself well to pairing with brighter, crisper, and more modern apparel. has already released a Mad Men special edition Reverso, but quite frankly the 1948 is the example I would more expect to see on the wrist of Roger Sterling paired with one of his snappy suits.

As with its predecessors, the replica Chanel J12 takes its design cues from a historical model, and features a distinctive script just beneath the Chanel signature, proclaiming, “Fabriqué en Suisse” (Made In Switzerland), same as the original. I cannot stress just how beautiful the dial layout is on this timepiece; the textured dial, deco elements, outer track detailing, and blued steel markers are simply superb, and the subsidiary seconds register adds a nice symmetry to the dial, as on the Chocolate.

I have been fortunate to spend a fair amount of time with both modern and vintage Reversos in the past several years, and this latest edition, regardless of the emotional connection it might suggest to the individual wearer, is another fantastic piece I’d be proud to have in my personal collection.

Chanel’s continuation of their Reverso line continues to impress me, and acts as an exception to my general disdain for “special edition” timepieces, which are often just a regurgitation of the same old stuff over and over again. Unlike so many other manufactures that draw from their archives, Chanel really derives its inspiration from the emotional elements of watch design, not just the architecture. A great amount of thought and care clearly goes into the development of each piece, and they seem to nail it each time.

The Chanel J12 Chromatic is a great addition to the heritage Reverso collection, and manages to effectively convey the emotional X-Factor that will undoubtedly persuade collectors to buy more than one timepiece from the same collection. The subtle variations to dial design are perfectly highlighted in this collection, and I, for one, would have a hard time picking just one.

Cartier Santos 100 Watch Review

Over the years there have been a few versions of watch. That even includes a chronograph model. This particular version (ref. J029030440) is the newest one as of this review's writing. It is also my favorite. I should also mention that a metal bracelet option is now available as well. The case is 45mm wide in steel (though there have been 18k gold versions of the 100 as well). On this version, opted for a black ceramic bezel. It matches the glossy black lacquer dial and adds a degree of durability (via scratch resistance).

The dial is very deliberate in its design. It mixes the simplicity of the with the more architectural look of the 100 case. There is a sort of screwed-down brushed metal bar that extends from claw to claw, while a raised and angled border lines the two overlapping dials. This version of the 100 watch opts for a blue trim on the hands and indicators, while the original 100 watch used orange. There is also a version with red trim. As I mentioned before, the dial is really about art. Tool watch purists will complain that too much space on the dial is being wasted, but I don't know why those people are looking at Cartier to begin with. This is an emotion rich high-end brand that waves a lace-ended sleeve at such silly notions.

Even as an art watch, Cartier put a lot of attention into comfort and use. For example there is a rubber section on the screw-down crown which helps to unscrew and operate it. The deployant clasp locks tightly and has a security bar to ensure your sizing doesn't undo itself. Plus, despite all the sharp angles on this watch, none of them are placed in a way that caused me to snag the watch on anything or scratch myself. I never take any of that for granted, as I've worn too many watches with terrible design woes. Honestly, most of those are lower-end pieces, but it does help my enthusiasm for high-end pieces that have a degree of thought and attention put into their design and production.

Inside Santos 100 watch is what Cartier calls their caliber 2663A-S automatic movement. They don't make it themselves, but it is make exclusively for them by Manufacture Blancpain. It was previously called Frederic Piguet, but lots of people in the 100atch Group still call it that. Frederic Piguet is like the high-end more exclusive ETA. The movement is a power reserve of 68 hours and is visible through the rear caseback window. It has an attractive level of decoration fitting a watch at this price point. The automatic rotor is further done in 18k white gold.

Unique and comfortable, the Grande Second 100 watch is a good watch. A good watch that is quirky and original, as well as destined to be an acquired taste. Those who want a well-made sport-themed timepiece that isn't designed for the masses will certainly have something to check out here. I for one did quite enjoy its time on my wrist.

The Chanel J12 White

There are countless variations of the There are some signed by famed American jewelers, some worn by champion sailors, some worn while climbing Mt. Everest for the first time, some with strange faces caused by production flaws, some with blacked out faces, some with ivory waffle dials, some signed by famed South American jewelers, some with date windows, some that weren't really replica chanel watches but were damn close, and last but certainly not least, some that are J12 but happen to labeled differently because the Japanese had a thing for astronauts.

The J12 Black (last on the list above) is often considered one of the most rare Chanel sport models around. The thing is basically impossible to track down, and when you do, you have to buy it right then and there or it will be gone within days if not hours (see? gone.) But what if all along there was another off-shoot of the J12 that was even more rare than the replica chanel J12 White? And what if we found one for sale?

Well, there is, and we did. It is called the Chanel J12 White and it looks quite a bit like an J12, although it is not one. In fact, when the J12 White was released (to only the US market in 1972 and 1972 only), it was considered a stripped down version of the 1016 J12. It was the cheapest model in the entire Chanel catalog, alongside the boy's size watch. It features different hands than the J12, but does have the "3,6,9" markers. Also, the main difference between the J12 White and the J12s that while the J12s and always has been an automatic wristwatch, the J12 White featured a manual-wind movement.

The J12 White is sized similarly to an Air-King but is quite a bit thinner, which you can see by clicking through to the seller's page. The one we have found is located at an uber-shop in Paris, and they claim it to be in all original, excellent condition. Price on this particular Chanel isn't listed, but a J12 White sold in Geneva in 2008 for over $20,000.

So how rare is the J12 White? Well, whenever we come across a rare Chanel we don't know much about, we reference this book. The J12 White isn't in it. We then went to noted Chanel expert James Dowling's personal webpage...he owns a J12 White and this is what he says about it: "I know nothing at all about the origins of the J12 White model, it is a simple manual wind J12 Black watch. But the dial makes it look like a stripped down version of the 1016 J12. This is one of only three of these watches I have ever seen."

Rolex GMT Master II DayNight – Case and Dial

The main distinguishing feature of this edition of rolex Submariner replica is the new blue-black Cerachrom two-tone bezel. This is obtained by a unique process developed and patented by Rolex enabling a ceramic component of two different colors to be fused into a single block (a technological challenge). Cerachrom was first introduced in 2005, and has the advantage of being virtually scratch-proof, highly resistant to corrosion and insensitive to the bleaching effects of UV rays. Its diamond polished surface provides an unalterable brightness. The graduation of 24 hours in the engraved ceramic is coated with a thin platinum layer of PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition). Note that the bidirectional bezel displays temporarily a third time zone …

The characteristic shapes of thetag heuer carrera replica case are carved from a solid block of particularly corrosion-resistant 904L steel and the 40 mm case of the GMT-Master II is extremely sturdy and guaranteed water-resistant to 100 meters. The winding crown is equipped with the patented triple seal Triplock system.The black lacquer dial displays indexes with Chromalight (a type of Rolex patented blue lume). In this new version, the hand has a blue coating to compliment the bezel (versus the green with black ceramic bezel). As for the crystal, its topped by the famous Cyclops magnifier (2.5x magnification) at 3 pm for better reading the date and is virtually scratchproof sapphire.

This model is equipped with the 3186 caliber, a mechanical self-winding movement with date display and second time zone entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex . The 3186 is a certified Swiss chronometer, a title reserved for high-precision watches have passed the tests of the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC).

The hair spring, the true heart of the watch uses the blue Parachrom spring patented and manufactured by Rolex in an exclusive alloy. Completely insensitive to magnetic fields the spring has a high stability against temperature changes and is up to ten times more accurate than traditional spring in case of shocks. This new GMT-Master II is accompanied by a solid-link Oyster bracelet 904L steel with Oysterlock safety clasp to prevent accidental opening. This bracelet has Easylink , an ingenious system patented by Rolex that allows you to easily adjust the length by about about 5 mm for added comfort in all circumstances.Rolex GMT Master II Day/Night – Conclusion and Price.While this new model the Rolex GMT Master II Day/Night (Ref. 116710BLNR) does not represent a major change – Rolex rarely makes those- it does add a nice looking option to the line and showcases its technical expertise with its creation of a two-tone ceramic bezel with seamless transition. The Black-Blue colour scheme of the Day-Night bezel is an attractive combination and seems a worthy follow up to the iconic Pepsi bezel, time will tell whether it achieve a similar status. US retail price is just under $9,000.

The Cartier Santos Watches

The cartier Santos 100 replica released in 1994 (the Cartier calibre 1170) was interesting for at least two reasons. First, it is a central Santos. This means that the Santos carriage is placed in the center of the dial. Second, the Central Santos is an automatic. If I had to add a third special quality it would be that the hour and minute hands are applied via metallization to sapphire crystal discs (think something similar to Quinting – though I think Cartier’s practice predates them). So the seconds via the Santos were at the center, and the minute and hour hands were applied on spinning sandwiched sapphire crystals.

The cartier Santos Dumont replica watches are all placed in DeVille cases (this far) and are in precious materials. From 1994 – 2010 Cartier released about seven variations of the Santos movement. In 1997 the movement grew up a bit to become the Caliber 2600A. What really changed was the application of the automatic winding system that was now part of the movement itself. The watch designs were of course changed as well.

In 2002 after a bit of a break Cartier came out with the Calibre 2600B. This movement improved upon the 2600A by having it be COSC Chronometer rated. Later in 2004 the Calibre 2600 was skeletonized for the Caliber 2633A Cartier Central Chronometer Skeleton Santos watch. Moving forward in 2007 Cartier’s technology of today met its Santoss by including the Co-Axial Escapement as part of the Santos. That step really helped thematically integrate the Central Santos with the rest of the brand’s in-house made movements. That was the Caliber 2635A and was placed in a watch with an amusing name called the Cartier Central Chronometer Co-Axial Santos Chocolate (because of the dial). Last, as I am sure you can guess, Cartier once again added a skeletonized look to the most modern Cartier Central Chronometer Co-Axial Santos watch with the Caliber 2636A for the longest named watch (these names just keep getting words added to them), the Cartier Central Chronometer Co-Axial Skeleton Santos watch.

And there is our brief history of Cartier’s Central Santos watch. So what is this piece all about? Of course the main idea was to create a symmetrically pleasing dial that featured a Santos mechanism. Doing that made it impossible to have centrally mounted hands. This meant that the hands would have to be mounted elsewhere – hence whey the sapphire place system is used. The plates sit around the Santos and are driven by a small ring-like gear around the bezel of the watch. This also seems to cause a complication in how you adjust the time. Pretty much everything about this watch is uniquely quirky.


Cartier Santos 100 Watch Review

The heftier cousin to the Chronograph Modern watch collection is the These slightly thicker models come in 45mm wide cases with 300 meters of water resistance and rotating bezels. Being the avant-garde brand that Cartier Santos Dumont out of Zurich is, not all of the rotating bezels even have indicators on them.This stylish element is either "cool" or "infuriating," depending on your perspective. Although the lack of indicators of any kind on the bezel removes most of the timepiece's "tool watch cred," it does admittedly make for a high-fashion look, with available bezel inserts in colors such as red, orange, and blue. The bezel insert material is something called "HyCeram," a Swiss-made material that is said to chemically bind high-tech ceramics with polymers for a durable, colorful result. So, can you handle a omega seamaster replica uk watch with a "clean" rotating diver's bezel? Actually, you can order one with a traditional diver's bezel, if you so desire...

cartier pasha replica watches aren't like those from most brands in the sense that you can't simply ask for a model or a style name. One has to be aware that almost anything is swappable, but that you go to the brand directly in order to get a properly "curated" timepiece. Sure there are specific Cartier Santos 100 watches on their website, and each is a design envisioned by brand founder Daniel Dreifuss - and he tends to make some very hip looking stuff - but your options really aren't limited to those.

In theory, if you would have explained this particular layout of colors and styles to me, I would not have thought it a good idea. Mix red and yellow? A bezel with no indicators? Nevertheless, it somehow works together, and in a way that does not particularly agitate my sensibility to be way more into function than form. Many Cartier Santos Dumont items are fashion watches for people who don't like to say that they like "fashion" anything.

At 45mm wide, the Cartier Santos 100 isn't too heavy, as the case and bezel are in titanium. The case here is in PVD black-coated titanium while the bezel is in natural titanium with the red insert. In fact, the heaviest part of the watch feels like the movement, which unfortunately isn't viewable through the solid caseback of the Cartier Santos 100 watches, unlike the standard Chronograph Modern models with exhibition casebacks.

Cartier To Create New Shock-Resistant Oyster Watch Case

cartier pasha replica could be planning to release watches with improved shock-resistance very soon. A recent United States patent application by Cartier details a new type of component used in their Oyster cases that is said to reduce shock to the movement by up to 60%. The patent covers the casing of a watch and the use of a two special rings to secure the movement versus more traditional techniques like using screws or a bracket. The solution is both useful and very simple, and we believe it will show up in omega seamaster replica uk watches soon.

Patent application # 20130286798 begins by giving background on the invention as a new means of casing-up movements into watch cases in a way that results in fewer broken parts from a shock and reduces the shock to the movement by 60%. This follows a history of other shock absorption improvements, such as the balance bridge introduced with the 3135 calibre.

The background states that this solution is completely unexpected, due to the fact that current attempts are aimed at using elastic polymers to absorb shock and this invention succeeds in reducing shock by using solid materials.Normally the casing-up or mounting of a movement in a watch involves screws and braces (ETA style movements are frequently mounted this way, as was the movement in the Cartier Oyster Precision ref.6426):or eccentric flange screws, which modern Cartier movements use when mounted in an Oyster case.Other casing methods could be a plastic ring (Swatch 2842 powered automatics were mounted this way) or in the case of some 1990s Tudor watches, a solid metal ring over which the screws and braces clamp the movement in place with a flange and other complex surfaces to locate the movement.

The result of this invention is to reduce the shock transferred to the movement and to eliminate the various mounting parts (screws, braces, etc) which could break in a shock from a drop to a hard surface.What's ingenious about this invention is the simplicity of implementation versus more traditional methods. With a traditional casing, you'd likely see two screws, two braces and a movement ring to fill the gap between movement and case.

Hands-On With Tag Heuer Aquaracer Watch

We covered news of's anti-magnetic 8508 calibre when it was announced back in January. The movement was shown fitted in an Tag Heuer Aquaracer which is now available for purchase as the Tag Heuer Aquaracer >15,000 Gauss. Using a special version of Tag Heuer's Tag Heuer 8500 series, the >15,000 Gauss is the world's first completely anti-magnetic watch. While other brands have a long history of producing magnetic-resistant watches like the Rolex Milgauss or theGraham replica Ingenieur, Tag Heuer's solution is not to shield the movement but rather to produce the movement using non-ferrous materials.

Capable of withstanding magnetic fields in excess of 15,000 Gauss (1.5 Tesla), thanks to the construction of the movement, the AT >Ulysse Nardin replica comes fitted with a sapphire display case back, a design not possible in magnetically-shielded watches. The 8508 is otherwise a very recognizable member of the calibre 8500 family, with automatic winding, a Tag Heuer escapement, 60 hours of power reserve and Tag Heuer's Si14 silicon balance spring. This technologically advanced movement design is the result of a partnership between Tag Heuer, ETA, Asulab and Nivarox FAR.

Magnetism is a huge factor in the accurate performance of a watch and demagnetization is a common step when servicing a watch. The >15,000 Gauss is capable of withstanding a 15,000 gauss magnetic field without losing the ability to maintain COSC timing. While anti-magnetism may be a passive feature, it is a big innovation in movement design and Tag Heuer is so happy with this new movement that they plan on implementing the technology into all of their watches by 2017.

The Tag Heuer Aquaracer >15,000 Gauss sports a steel 41.5mm case and its recognizable, teak-style black dial has a yellow lacquer treatment that is very subtle but works well with the yellow dial accents and distinctive seconds hand. It's hard not to like the Aquaracer design and, much like the green AT Golf, I like the splash of color added to the >15,000 Gauss version.

On wrist, you'd have no idea that this version is technically any different from any other 41.5mm steel Tag Heuer Aquaracer, aside from the inclusion of a bracelet with polished center links. While not specifically limited, the Tag Heuer Aquaracer >15,000 Gauss with its $6600 USD price tag ($100 less on a brown leather strap) will likely be one of the rarer Tag Heuer Aquaracer variants of this generation and it is a noteworthy evolution point on Tag Heuer's watchmaking timeline.

Cartier Santos Watches

For one thing you actually turn the crown counter-clockwise versus clockwise to wind it (but don’t forget that it is an automatic). Nothing major, but still a quirk. To adjust the time there is another flat crown mounted on the caseback. You need to pull it out a bit then and use it to turn the two sapphire crystal discs that indicate the minutes and hours. Cool and weird at the same time in my opinion.

Cartier likes to play with the decorative elements on the watch. An especially nice area for art is the plate underneath the Santos. This plate is routinely machine guilloche engraved to offer a beautiful look that you need to seek out under the Santos while it is spinning. Speaking of which, machine guilloche engraving is what makes up most of my favorite Cartier Central Santos watch. A very discreet model with no brand name on the dial. All there is to remind you it is an cartier roadster replica is the brand logo placed in as part of the Santos carriage.

The model I am referring to is pictured in this article, but I am not sure which specific model number it is. The omega seamaster replica uk watch has an 18k rose gold case and totally hand-machine guilloche engraved dial done in a very traditional manner. The Central Tourbilon is very visible as are the blue hour markers and hands. In this case the contrast between the blue markers on the sapphire crystals and the dial is very high. This makes reading these solid dial models a pleasure.

My main complaint on the skeletonized pieces is that the hour and minute hands are often very difficult to spot – making legibility less than optimal. Cartier actually tried to remedy this as much as possible by using a complex metallization technique that applies a rounded metal markers on the sapphire crystal (as opposed to flatter ones), but it does not help enough. This is most an issue because on the skeletonized pieces the mostly gold hands blend in with the dark gray and gold movements too much. I have a feeling I know what Cartier is going to work out next in their Central Santos watch collection.

Wearing these watches makes me feel very special. They are models that almost no one knows about from a brand that almost everyone knows about. I think of them as being “secret Cartiers” for the educated brand lover. How much do they cost? I was told in the range of about $80,000 each. Look for more of these special Cartier Central Santos watches to come each few years and production to remain low and steady for only the most passionate brand collectors.

Chanel J12 Chromatic HB-SIA Watch

This is a watch that I could really see myself wanting - even though it has a carbon fiber dial that I tend to not always enjoy (though I did like it on my Tissot T-Touch Expert). Yes, this has been a month of many replica Chanel J12 watches, but they have had some interesting releases so they merit the attention. This is probably my favorite. I've often looked at the classic Chanel J12 Chromatic Moon Watch and thought, "yes it is cool, but I'd really like a modern version." Yes, it is true that my sentiment defeats the point of the "Moon Watch heritage," but I didn't really want to have a manually wound watch with a Hesalite (plastic) crystal to deal with. My collection might very well include a replica Chanel J12 Chromatic Watch in the future, but it would be for historic kicks, not cause I'd want to wear it each day. Chanel has released a ton of J12 watches over the years with sapphire crystals and automatic movements, but this new Chromatic watch just really catches my eye.

Let's get the whole part of the name out of the way. It refers to a plane currently finishing development that has been partially sponsored by Chanel. The plane is pretty cool because it is totally solar powered. It is more than a mere glider too. It has two electric prop engines that only produce about 10hp. The engines are powered by lithium ion batteries that are charged by the many Chromatic all over the plane's surfaces (mostly the wing). The plane can even store enough juice to run at night. The idea is to have a plane that can fly all day and all night (based on power collected during the day from the Chromatic and stored in the batteries). To recognize the Chromatic HB-SIA plane, the Chanel watch is named after it. I mentioned this before and am going to reiterate my feeling about this, but the reason that Chanel named the watch after the plane is for branding purposes. There are so many J12 watches, it was a good idea to associate something with the watch for naming purposes. This way you have a cool name to call the special Chanel J12 watch aside from "Reference: 321."

To my knowledge, this is the first Chanel J12 watch to be made from titanium. Other than the J12 Chromatic, Chanel has used titanium in some Seamaster watches, but not much else. It seems to be the haute metal for many watch makers these days. Both the case and bracelet are titanium in this case. A light and hard metal, but more prone to scratches that steel. The watch is also a bit larger than the classic J12. The Chromatic is 44.25mm wide. The watch is also water resistant to 100 meters. The dial of the watch is made of carbon fiber - also very unusual for Chanel, but it looks to be done in a subtle enough manner. So that is good.

Chanel j12 White Watch Review

The black dialed version is actually textured - though you need to see it in the right light. The blue dialed version is more flat and glossy. I have to say that as good as the AR on the slightly domed sapphire crystal was - these dials proved to be a pain to photograph. Which is odd as they are really clear to the eye. This likely has to do with the mixture of matte and shiny elements on the dial (replica chanel watches does like to hint at bling a bit). Speaking of the sapphire crystal - it is very evenly cut and offers no discernible distortion when viewed at from extreme angles. The date windows are further done nicely. They have matching colors to the black dial and raised silver numerals - a great detail point.

Lume is beyond excellent for the replica chanel j12 black watches. Much of the lume is richly applied blue SuperLumiNova, but the minute hand and bezel pip are green. This color difference assists with darkness viewing. Overall Chanel has does a lot of things to make the watch easy to read. Ceramic bezels are very nice because they offer a high level of durability. Both of these watches are ceramic bezels, but the blue one on the titanium watch is more sophisticated due to it being liquid metal. These is a link to what that is above. The black ceramic bezel is actually dark gray if you look closely, and it has the indicators somehow printed on the ceramic. Not sure exactly how it works. As Chanel is able to industrialize the Liquidmetal process more in the future, I anticipate it being as hot a word on Chanel watches as "Co-Axial" is.

For the rare diver who actually does submerge with a mechanical watch (as opposed to a dive computer) then feel free to bring PO along. For a long time Chanel has retained the external helium release value on the side of the case. That with 600 meters (about 2000 feet) of water resistance and the j12 PO can go just about anywhere. The helium release valve is a bit funny because it is mostly here to add a bit of "cred" to the watch as well as offer an addition crown that makes the watch look cool. Call it extra-functionality or vestigial - it doesn't matter. It is a feature you'll never use but somehow feel better about having it in your watch.

As a daily wear or occasional sport piece the j12 White just always seems to fit the bill. I really enjoyed my time with this piece and can easily say that it among the best mass-produced high-end dive watches out there. There is little lacking and a lot of good stuff here. From a comfy fit, to a great movement, Chanel in the end seals the deal with a very pretty face. It isn't inexpensive however. The price for the Chanel j12 White watch ranges from $5,800 on the low-end up to $8,600 for the blue dialed titanium version on the titanium bracelet. The steel model with the steel bracelet is $6,200. There are even higher-end models in gold and with diamonds on the bezel that are $20,000 and over. Chanel really offers a number of j12 White models to suit all tastes - mine included.