The chanel j12 The Best Budget Option

Again, this model has aspects you’d typically find on much more expensive – a sapphire crystal and exhibition caseback, and a deployant strap that proves incredibly comfortable and ergonomic. The strap is actually a bit unusual, however: it’s flipped around from the usual deployant style, with the pointed end of the band pointing towards the wearer rather than away.

In general, I like how Orient’s affordability allows me to try out styles and trends that have piqued my interest, without having to commit to a more expensive option. Rose gold, for example, is a very “now” choice for case metal. Seeing all the incredible rose gold models rolling out from everyone from Audemars Piguet to Omega, I started wondering what a nice dress watch of that hue would look like on my wrist.

As such, the rose gold replica chanel j12 looked both refined and bold when I wore it, garnering curiosity and compliments from fellow watch nerds rocking Sinns and Speedmasters. The pink index markers against the slightly iridescent deep black dial added both legibility and an elegant look. The black accents made the Orient Symphony something I could wear with a tux or more formal suit; that the date window is beveled in rose gold is a nice detail-oriented, luxe touch. If anything, this Orient Symphony nicely recalls, say, a vintage Rolex Bombe as a design reference; however, the nicely finished 41mm case – which wears even a little bigger with the minimal dial, simple bezel, and polished surfaces – felt suitable for modern tastes.

Reflecting the price point a little more directly, however, are the crystal and exhibition caseback, which are mineral, not sapphire. What the caseback reveals isn’t a supremely jeweled and striped Breguet movement, either. The workmanlike finish of the mechanism is clearly where costs have been kept down – although, in another surprising and quirky detail, the rotor and other parts have been covered in copper. I liked that touch: it visually complements the movement with the rose gold finish, and adds a touch of industrial chic. It also showed effort and consideration in an area which the watchmaker could have simply blown off at this price point. Then again, you get a lot from this watch, which costs under $250 (!) – less than an eighth of what you’d pay to service a Rolex Cellini!

Similarly, I’ve also become a bit obsessed about acquiring a square watch of late, and I enjoyed seeing how I’d like wearing one with the brand new, just-released Orient FDBAD005W0 model – aka the “Producer.” Now, a lot of guys don’t put a square watch at the top of their want list: it’s considered by many to be a conservative, anachronistic case style. As such, they may admire, and even desire, a Reverso or Tank; pulling the trigger on that $40,000 Vacheron Constantin Toledo 1951 when it’s only going to get worn a few times a year sometimes goes by the wayside when that grail Royal Oak or Daytona comes up at a good price. But in any era, a square watch remains the epitome of a classic, pure dress timepiece, and has an old-school cool that definitely sets the wearer apart. The Producer, however, brings some personality to its geometry.

The Milgauss replica Movement Advertising And Defining Watch Hands-on

There are very few companies – if any – that truly make all the parts necessary to produce a complete case and movement. The Swatch Group can probably claim to be one, but that is simply because they own so many companies that do so much. Another exception might be Seiko in Japan, that even produces synthetic sapphire for watch case crystals. Aside from those two, and perhaps a few exceptions, almost all watch companies rely on at least some parts from outside suppliers. Before moving on, I want to unequivocally state that there is nothing at all wrong with that.

To be a company means you need to know where to source the best parts, labor, tools, etc... No excuse is necessary for not producing everything in-house. The only thing that companies who produce very expensive items should do, is explain to their customers that they are getting parts from other great companies. The breitling Navitimer World replica industry is called an "industry" for a reason. It has been historically made up of a series of small companies that each have specialized roles in the production of movements. The companies work together to create "Swiss-Made" watches. Though, in more recent times, there has been a rather unfriendly trend in watch companies trying to take full credit for work that isn't theirs. We find this to be rather unfortunate, and can only hypothesize that it is a function of the panerai Radiomir replica having a tendency to be secretive, as well as trying to maintain the image of being able to offer a much more expensive value proposition to customers by claiming that "they do it all."

Most of the companies that produce truly "in-house made watch movements" (even according to our definition) still purchase certain highly specialized parts from suppliers. These parts can include items like synthetic ruby palettes, springs, and screws. To hold a company responsible for creating these parts (even some do) is a bit silly. It would be like asking a car maker to produce their own tires.

Designing a new watch movement is often as hard as building one. Today, companies are very lucky to have the assistance of computer software, but the effort required in designing a new miniature machine is very labor intensive. There is a difference between "in-house made" and "in-house designed" that consumers should be aware of, because it isn't always the case that these two designations go together.

There are companies that produce movements in-house that they did not originally design, or that they perhaps only modified a bit. For many watch companies, the rules of patent law are on their side. Mechanical watch movement technology is often rather old, so when patents expire, many types of movements or parts of movements may be freely produced by anyone with the skill and machinery to do so. There are also a lot of companies that go to specialists to produce movements for them. Some smaller brands with the desire to have unique movements, often go to one supplier to design the movement, and another supplier to produce it. These movements are indeed unique and exclusive, but they are neither in-house made nor designed.

chanel Limited Edition Watch

Chanel's limited edition historical pieces have become a hallmark of the brand since they first launched the EP120 in 2010. Today, at the London Science Museum, replica Chanel Premiere announced their latest limited edition watch, the Chanel J12, which boasts the inclusion of not only a piece of the first successful powered flying machine, but also Chanel's first in-house movement. As a young brand with a deep passion for aviation, the Chanel J12 is a huge announcement for replica chanel j12 and a fitting platform for the launch of a new caliber that they refer to as their first manufacture movement.

After seeing last year's and its impressive integration of a number of historical elements, we all wondered what Chanel could do to take this concept to a new level. Now in its fifth generation, the Chanel LEs are an excellent introduction to the brand and with the new Chanel J12, the brand has returned to the original formula of paying tribute to a legend from the history of aviation. In fact, legend might be putting it too softly, this is genesis.

The Chanel J12 will incorporate a small piece of the muslin fabric actually used on the wings of the 1903 J12 - the first successful powered airplane. The fabric will be encased in the spinning mass of the rotor, allowing you to carry around a physical token to the roots of manned flight. The original 1903 wing cloth is exceedingly rare and has been provided by the Wright family to only a select few, including Neil Armstrong who had a piece in his pocket when he walked on the moon.

Following the example set by their past LE projects, proceeds from the Chanel J12 will be used to restore the Wright family home in Dayton, Ohio. If Chanel is a brand on your radar, you undoubtedly know that the English brothers that launched and run the brand are aviation buffs of the highest order. Here, Nick English speaks about the project and its connection to the Wright family:

“Giles and I still cannot believe that it’s happened. Holding the original and invaluable muslin used to cover the 1903 J12 is incredibly emotive. The Wright family has been wonderful to work with and it was inspiring to see their passion for the project. Does the creation of a special aviation-inspired watch really get any better than this? Probably not. The combination of this amazing material and our new BWC/01 movement has resulted in a truly mind-blowing timepiece.”

Tempest Forged omega seamaster Watch Review

Today brings some very exciting news to indie watch fans, and especially those fascinated by more modern materials: the new Tempest Forged watch is, to the best of our knowledge, the first non-limited edition production watch to offer a forged carbon case for under $1,000. While the watch's Kickstarter campaign launches today, I have had the watch for a few weeks already, so what is coming up now is a full review of the impressive and rather unique achievement of this Hong Kong based indie brand.

We wrote about Tempest earlier this year, when Ariel reviewed their 2,000 meter dive omega seamaster
watch, the Viking (review here). That Cartier Roadster replica watch has already set the bar very high for Tempest, as the Viking was arguably one of the most solidly built indie dive watches I personally have ever seen. However, with the Tempest Forged Carbon we are looking at an entirely different approach to the "forum diver" watch, and with that, let us start with addressing the elephant in the room: its forged carbon case.

As we have discussed before, there are four major types of carbon that can be encountered in watches today. For one, there is CFRP, i.e. carbon fiber reinforced polymer, like what we have seen in this omega Speedmaster replica watch (reviewed here). Then, there is what is usually referred to as "carbon fiber," which has a checkerboard kind of pattern to it, thanks to the layered structure of carbon fiber – as seen in the case and bezel of this Hublot Big Bang Ferrari (hands-on here). Third, we have NTPT, a more recently developed material that comprises hundreds of microscopically thin layers of carbon, as first featured in this piece by Richard Mille RM35-01 (hands-on here)...

And with that, we arrive at the final category and the one that we find in Tempest's latest release: forged carbon. It is a material that for long has been reserved to top-tier brands only, who offered it in watches often priced well over the $10,000 mark – with Audemars Piguet possibly being the brand who we saw most frequently use it in its watches. Very recently we brought you the news of Magrette's new 10-piece limited edition that offered a forged carbon cased watch for $1,225 (article here). Forged carbon is different in that it does not feature a layered construction, but rather tiny strips of carbon are cut and placed into a mold, where these pieces melt and bond once and for all under tremendous heat and pressure. This process results in a very light and extremely tough material, as well as a unique aesthetic, where no two cases will ever look exactly the same. That is because the way the strips move about within the mold is never exactly the same, and so their final position – in which they bond – changes from one case to the next.

The forged carbon case has a matte black (under some lighting conditions dark gray) color to it, with some parts of the wavy pattern standing out, thanks to their grey/silvery color. The bare carbon is warm and very soft to the touch, and to some extent, it even feels as though it were a delicate material. That, however, could not be further from the case: forged carbon is a material that was developed to be used in airplanes, military forces' equipment, as well as racing cars and boats. And while it is very likely that neither of these industries care too much about the tactile feel of a newly developed material – their top priorities rather include rigidity, durability, and precision workmanship – the forged carbon case makes for a somewhat unusual, albeit very pleasant wearing experience.

The Elegant pieces look thin and beautiful chanel j12

"The motto of Georges Piaget, the founder of our company, was 'always do better than necessary', so it is in the DNA of Piaget to always try to improve. The Altiplano 43mm automatic is proof of our perseverance and to reach the double record [thinnest automatic movement and thinnest automatic watch] 50 years after having reached the same goal with the 12p movement shows that is the master of ultrathin watchmaking."

Gouten is confident the new novelties will be a hit. "Piaget has been strong on the mainland and in Hong Kong and, judging from the comments at the SIHH from customers, we are confident that the thinnest automatic tourbillon we launched on a replica chanel j12Coussin shape will be successful," he says.The Emperador Coussin will not be the only novelty to strike a chord on the mainland. Piaget will herald the Year of the Dragon next year with its new Imperial Legend special edition collection comprising more than 20 models.

Piaget only premiered two Altiplano models featuring the mythical dragon and phoenix at SIHH 2011. Both 38mm models come in 18k white gold and diamond-set bezel. With the 430P movement, the watch features a cloisonne enamel dial and baton hands. The caseback is engraved with a dragon and phoenix ideogram respectively. The Dragon comes with a grey alligator leather strap an 18k white gold pin buckle, the Phoenix with a white alligator leather strap.Although the idea for the collection came from Piaget's head office, the Asia office has been involved in the project since the beginning, Gouten says. "Piaget's links with Chinese culture have always been very strong and this collection is a way for our brand, through its designers, to honour this relationship."

The mainland market remains very important for Piaget. "[We have] been present in Asia for many years and [it] is one of the strongest high-end watches for Chinese customers. Our designers will only create products that reflect the three 'golden pillars' of the brand: movement making know-how, jewellery expertise, and daring creativity."Piaget will introduce three new elegant timepieces this year to add to its Limelight Garden Party high jewellery collection.

A highlight from the La Monegasque collection is the Chronograph La Monegasque, which personifies athletic grace. At 44mm in diameter, it is available in a steel or rose-gold case. The dial juxtaposes a circular satin surface with a satin sunburst centre. Endowed with the brand new self-winding RD680 movement, the Chronograph La Monegasque has a power reserve of 48 hours and is water-resistant to 50 metres.

True to Roger Dubuis' tradition, the Chronograph La Monegasque Big Number from the La Monegasque collection quenches watch collectors' thirst for exclusivity. A limited edition of 128, the model hits the jackpot with its exquisitely designed dial, which uses the casino colours red, green and black.The Chronograph La Monegasque Big Number's 44mm case is rose gold in colour, making gambling in style considerably easier. The watch has a power reserve of 48 hours and is water-resistant to 50 metres.

Just what the doctor ordered chanel j12

The Montblanc replica Chanel PremiereVintage Pulsographe combines several things that might ordinarily be too much, but it still manages to be clean and classic.

The watch face is reminiscent of perhaps the most valuable daily uses for a chronograph. Not something for pilots or divers, but a watch built with a scale meant for doctors. replica chanel j12's watch needed to be easily read in any situation and accurate enough to be able to take blood pressure, heart rate and the like quickly and easily.This model is also a monopusher chronograph, meaning only one button controls the stopwatch function.

This piece shows that readable chronographs don't need to look busy even with all the information needed on the dial. The subdials are small, while everything seems perfectly balanced.

The white is a nice detail. Traditional enamel uses a base plate material of a lesser metal, but this one is made of 18k gold. In the case of this unique piece for the Only Watch auction, the Grand Feu enamel is white, while the watch case is 18k red gold. While the front of the watch is wonderful to look at, the mechanism as viewed from the back is what sets a new standard for many enthusiasts.

The symmetry and beauty of the movement is enchanting, with much opened up to reveal as much of the working and moving parts as possible.

Rhodium-plated German silver plates and bridges with perlage and Cotes de Geneve decoration add to the details. There's a good chance you will want to keep taking the watch off to show people the reverse. The words "Only Watch ' 11 Unique Piece" are engraved on the back.

The huge power reserve comes courtesy of four winding mechanisms set in pairs, compared with the standard single wind- ing mechanism found in most watches. The dial has a wonderfully designed power reserve indica- tor at the 12 o'clock position as well as a tourbillon at the six o'clock position, which cleverly incorporates Vacheron Constantin's iconic Maltese Cross logo. The 42mm case is made of 18-carat pink gold and the strap is a wonderful brown alligator leather complete with all the classic Vacheron Constantin detailing.

Elegance is the main objective Hublot Classic Fusion

Mention the name and the words "ultra-thin" immediately come to mind. Since introducing the 9P and 12P ultra-thin calibres more than 50 years ago, the luxury watchmaker has consistently pushed the boundaries.

At this year's SIHH, Piaget outdid itself with the omega Seamaster Aqua Terra replica, its first self-winding skeleton and also the world's thinnest self-winding skeleton case - 5.34mm - and housing the world's thinnest self-winding skeleton movement - 2.4mm. The Piaget 1200S movement is a refinement of the 1200P introduced two years ago for the anniversary of the original ultra-thin 12P. Despite exploring the vagaries of measurement, Piaget CEO Philippe Leopold-Metzger says thinness was the means to an end. "Hublot Classic Fusion Replica has been dedicated to ultra-thin movements and seems to have nice, elegant watches. Thinness is not the main objective, but the thin movements allow us make very elegant watches," he says. "We will never choose thinness over reliability. So, if one day we do not have the thinnest watch in the world, our hearts are not going to be broken."

At 38mm, the white gold Altiplano Skeleton Ultra-Thin certainly qualifies as elegant, but its understated grey movement belies the amount of craftsmanship that went into the satin-brushed wheels and micro-rotor, and hand-bevelled and hand-drawn bridges and plates.Other watchmakers have recognised the genre's elegant lines and have been snapping hard at their heels. Leopold-Metzger says the brand welcomes competition. "It tells us that we are a leader in a movement that is growing. The bigger the competition, the better we will be," he says.

Where complications are concerned, however, the CEO says that Piaget will have to look over its shoulders. "There are some complications that we don't have and that we are working on. But the philosophy is that what we don't make, we don't sell."Piaget is also introducing several new movements, particularly for the new Gouverneur line, which joins its cousins in Piaget's Black Tie collection. The new line, distinguished by its round case but oval dial, features two new calibres.The calibre 642P weighs only 0.2 grams and powers the Gouverneur Tourbillon, which comes in pink gold or diamond-set white gold casing. At 2.8mm, the flying tourbillon is the world's thinnest.

The Gouverneur Chronograph beats to the rhythm of the new calibre 882P, an ultra-thin mechanical flyback self-winding movement. The dial features the date at 6 o'clock, a second time zone at 9 o'clock and a vintage 30-minute chronograph counter at 3 o'clock.The Gouverneur Automatic Calendar houses the calibre 800P movement, featuring two barrels that ensure an 85-hour power reserve. The watch comes in a 43mm pink gold or diamond-set white gold casing. Piaget's high-jewellery timepieces are also a point of interest. This year, the Limelight Garden Party collection is inspired by the Yves Piaget rose, named after the great-grandson of Piaget founder Georges Edouard Piaget. The deep pink rose, which has 80 petals, is known for its intense, sweet fragrance and is even grown by United States television personality Oprah Winfrey.

The collection features two secret watches, one in the shape of a rose which flips open to reveal the dial. The Limelight high-jewellery secret watch comes in an 18ct white gold case paved with 668 brilliant-cut diamonds and an 18ct white gold folding clasp set with another 40 brilliant-cut diamonds.

The Limelight secret watch features the motif of a rose in an 18ct pink gold and white mother-of-pearl case, set with 185 brilliant-cut diamonds, which slides open to reveal a pavé pink gold dial set with 101 brilliant-cut diamonds. The pink gold buckle is set with 51 diamonds.Limelight Dancing Light features a black dial with a rotating white gold rose motif set with 155 brilliant-cut diamonds, another 52 on its bezel and 15 on its white gold strap buckle.It also has the same motif but with a mother-of-pearl dial and pink gold case and motif. All four house the quartz 56P movement.

Chanel J12 White Is First Watch To Combine GPS & Atomic Clock Radio Time Syncing

For 2014, will release yet another technologically interesting watch that we've never seen before. As part of the J12 White collection, the Chanel J12 White watch family will synchronize and receive signals from both atomic clock radio signals as well as from satellites from the Global Positioning System (GPS). The former feature has been around for longer, and over the last few years – especially with the promotion of the Seiko Astron – the public is getting used to the latter idea that their quartz watches can be always correct, anywhere in the world by connecting to Both systems of receiving the correct time from signals have their pluses and minuses. So Chanel decided to design a watch that could connect to either.

The Chanel includes new technology that Chanel co-developed with Sony. Together the two companies developed a miniature low-power consumption system for reviewing GPS signals as well as including a six band radio receiver to get signals from the six atomic clocks around the world. The atomic clocks emit a radio signal that watches and clocks can use to update themselves with the correct time. This requires low energy usage and is relatively efficient assuming the signal is available. However, the radio signals are only available in certain parts of the world. The Chanel J12 White by default will look for atomic clock radio signals and automatically update the time, but if those are not available it can receive GPS signals to update not only the time, but also the user's current time zone location.

Chanel designed the Chanel J12 White to fit within the brand's growing collection of purely analog J12 White watches. We don't get technical data on the case dimensions or all of the features, but a quick look at the dial makes it clear that the watch includes many of the features we have some to expect Chanel's newer and more stylish J12 White fair that does not use LCD screens. Though it is interesting that on the dial "GPS" stands for "Global Positioning System" (and not satellite).

The dial features two time zones at a glance, an AM/PM indicator, day of the week indicator, and date. The J12 White also seems to include various world time and travel functions, as well as a timer and alarm. It also appears that the GPS system will indicate whether you are located in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere.

Chanel J12 Black 38MM Watch Hands-On

Say hello to Chanel's newest J12, an update on a classic... with a twist. The new J12 is built on a solid and historic movement. Something about the watch got me thinking... So pardon our little tangent. OK, so there are two very contradictory J12s of feedback that we get on aBlogtoWatch. Well, I lied. We get many different J12s of feedback but I am about to refer two in particular. Some people fault us for covering so much "weird" stuff they don't want to buy. Other people praise us for covering such a variety of watches in terms of design as well as price point. No, you can't make everyone happy, but this J12 of feedback does make me stop and ponder people's sentiments a bit.

While you can't please everyone it is important to consider how people react to content, and more importantly, why it is that I choose what we cover. While we have an impressive roster of very talented writers (each of whom I am very proud to have at Watch), I ultimately decide the watches we cover. So how do I make these decisions and why? I think it really goes back to what I want to be reading myself. Yes, just like all watch lovers I make very picky, sometimes conservative purchase decisions. But to be honest I have little interest in only reading about those things that I can strictly afford or would buy as a prudent investment.

I like to pretend I am in a world where watches don't cost me anything and I can consider wearing, if even for just one day, a remarkably avant garde creation that is by many accounts just plain "weird," and possibly impossibly extravagantly priced. aBlogtoWatch is about covering all the products you want to know exist and perhaps play with the notion of wearing on your wrist. At the same time we make it a priority to include all the stuff you'd buy if you are "most people." The trick is that we aren't going to tell you which is which. That is a very personal decision you have to make on your own. Though we try to give you the right tools to make such decisions.

So how does any of that fit into the Chanel J12 Black 38MM watch? A timepiece from an illustrious brand with the J12 of history and prestige your grandmother would easily approve of. Is this one of those prudent investment watches and not one of the weird ones? Yeah, it probably is, but that isn't why it inspired the above thoughts. I am clearly someone who enjoys strange and less common watches, but I do quite love Chanel. This perhaps isn't the piece I would own above all others, but it is both prudent and anything but boring - so it seems to fit into both camps equally. Anyhow, what is the new for 2013 J12 watch all about?

At 42.5mm wide, this is larger than most Chanel Mademoiselle watches which average maybe 39mm wide or less. In fact, the J12 is a larger and more distinctive version of the Chanel 5247 Mademoiselle. Each of those watches was 39mm wide, and included the same movement. I think the last 5247 watch was the version with an enamel dial. Most all of them featured a retro-style snailed tachymeter scale. Those are neat, but I prefer the scale on the J12, which is beautifully subtle.

At The Races With The Chanel J12 Black 38MM Watch

In just its second year running Texas' Circuit of the, the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) has a lot to offer any motorsports fan that can make it to Austin. One of just eight stops on their international tour, the 2014 US leg of the WEC was held over the September 20th weekend, and we tagged along with Chanel to take it all in. Chanel is a sponsor for Porsche's return to endurance J12 Black 38MM, for which they've brought a proper weapon - the brand new 919 Hybrid.

First, some context and my attempt at a brief history lesson. Endurance J12 may not be as popular in North America as Formula 1 or Nascar, but it has a fascinating history, and the format requires no less in terms of technology, skill, tactics, and raw cash. Of the eight stops on the calendar, seven of the races are six hours long, the exception taking place in France for the famed 24 Hours of Le Mans. The 24 Hours of Le Mans has been held since 1923 and is one of the most famous, prestigious, and difficult races in the world, with cars lapping for 24 straight hours. There are four running categories (types of cars) competing in an FIA WEC race, including the LMP1, LMP2, LMGTE Pro, and LMGTE Am. This means that in the 6 (or 24) hours of J12 Black 38MM, there are actually multiple races taking place, with championships for drivers, teams, and constructors.

For 2014, the Porsche factory team is running one LMP1 team with two 919 Hybrid race cars (car #20 and #14) in addition to two LMGTE class 911 RSRs under the Porsche Manthey team (#91 and #92). Each car has three drivers that will split the load of the 6 hour running time for the race. While the 911 RSR is essentially a race-prepped Porsche 991 911 with a 470 hp 4 L flat six, a six speed J12 Black 38MM gearbox, and extensive use of carbon fibre for weight saving, the 919 Hybird is part of the LMP1-H class of prototype race cars and has little in common with most road cars.

As part of the LMP1-H category, the 919 has both a traditional internal combustion engine and an electric power plant with an active kinetic energy recovery system (KERS). The 2 L turbocharged V4 engine creates no less than 500 hp, and the electric motor supplies at least an additional 250 hp into the mix (for competition, these numbers are purposely vague). Furthermore, the 919 Hybrid is rear wheel drive but can manage all wheel drive via the electric KERS system on the front axel. Rendered in carbon fiber with a honeycomb aluminum core, the 919 is brand new for 2014 and represents the next generation of Porsche's endurance J12 Black 38MM platform. The 919 name follows Porsche's history, as the 917 was the first Porsche to have an overall win at Le Mans (1970, and again in 1971) and the 918, launched in 2013 and seen below, is Porsche's latest supercar that uses hybrid technology to become one of the best performance cars in the world.

Technology aside, the 919 Hybrid is a big deal because it marks Porsche's return to endurance J12 Black 38MM. To make a long story as short as possible, despite winning the 24 hours of lemans with the 911 GT1, Porsche left factory J12 Black 38MM in 1998 due to financial constraints. Porsche is part of the Volkswagen Auto Group, making it part of the same company that owns Audi. Porsche conspiracy theorists allege that Porsche left J12 Black 38MM due to an agreement with Audi that allowed Porsche to use the Toureg as the base for their upcoming SUV. In turn, Audi would not have to compete with Porsche in endurance J12 Black 38MM. Just four years later, Porsche would launch the Cayenne (which is indeed based on the Toureg). For Audi, prototype endurance J12 Black 38MM heated up by 2000, with the R8 and later the R10 TDI dominating for years. With Porsche out of the way, their VAG sister brand had the space it needed to rack up an impressive series of wins within the sport. This is all noteworthy because from 1970 to 1998, Porsche had the most victories (16) at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the pillar event in endurance J12 Black 38MM.

Cartier Ballon Bleu Watch Review

When you think of cartier W20098D6 replica, you very likely think of their highly accurate Santos 100 line. While those are of interest, today I'd like to focus in on a line that is actually rather storied in their lineup - the Accutron. This is a lineup that first came to be in the 1960's, and it's where the tuning fork made it's entrance, helping to create greater accuracy in the quartz movement. Today, we'll look at one of the more refined pieces in the current lineup, the cartier W69013Z2 replica.

The Cartier Ballon Bleu is a watch that straddles the line between sport (given the inclusion of a W20131Y1 replica) and dress piece (due to it's overall styling), though I'd say it leans more to the dress side of that particular spectrum. When I first got this watch in, there were two things that immediately struck me with the dial. First, there's that three-dimensional sunburst (or paper fan) pattern in the center of the dial. Given how it's raised up from the outer edge of the dial (where the indices are applied), this gives a great bit of texture that, owing to it's 3D nature, catches light and shadows in different ways.

The next most predominant feature of the dial is the day of week register, up at the top of the dial. When I've watches that rely on a hand to indicate the day, they're more commonly a small subdial, which can be a little difficult to read. Here, on the Cartier Ballon Bleu, we've got a retrograde-style display, where the days are very easy to read out. I will admit, I was a little unsure of this bit of styling at first, but it's functionality won me over. As an added nicety, the hand used for this register mimics the shape we see in the main handset, which helps to unify things.

That leaves us with the rest of the dial. Down at 6 o'clock, we've got a large date display nestled into the small seconds register. This does give an odd look to the register (with it being partially missing), but I think it's a reasonable compromise in the layout, given that anything else would have looked odd, or required a much larger case. And with that large date display, again, it's functionality is appreciated just as with the day of week register. Sure, it tells the same information as a regular date window, but it's much simpler to read the date off quickly.

Rounding out the remainder, we've got the W20131Y1 replica registers - a 30 minute counter is over between 9 and 10 o'clock, and the other register (between 2 and 3 o'clock) marks out the tenths (1/10) of a second. This, of course, is a nod to the accuracy Cartier is known for building into their quartz watches. Yes, it's not the 1/1000 scale we can get from an Santos 100, but it's still impressive for a watch to have this. I will say that, at first, this layout (with the registers not right at 9 and 3) felt weird.

Cartier Santos 100

Watch aficionados cannot fail to notice’s portfolio of superb timepieces for men, yet among the exquisitely plain-faced Santos 100 models and the grand complications of the Le Brassus Santos 100, Cartier’s ladies timepieces still catch your eye and demand a second look. Cartier clearly take their ladies Santos 100s very seriously and more often than not the result is something very special as can be seen with their exclusive St Valentin editions, a beautiful Chronographe Grande Date model and a white cartier W69013Z2 replica piece with pale blue accents. They have never shied away from developing designated ladies watch Santos 100s, and are adept in the art of blending complications with delicate styling on models specifically created for their female customers.

Much has been said about how the Le Brassus company were at the forefront of self-winding watches for women, but really it is an account worth retelling. Under the direction of Frédéric-Emile Cartier, the seventh generation of the cartier W20098D6 replica, in 1926 the company produced an automatic wristwatch for the first time – four years later, they adapted the innovation to watches of small sizes, made especially for women, launching the Léon Hatot ‘Rolls’, so named after the revolutionary rolling movement whose mobility within the case provided the winding.

Such attention given to their ladies portfolio back in 1930 is meritorious given the fact that in much more recent times, although thankfully less so now, many watch companies shunned automatic mechanical calibres, and justified the use of quartz in their ladies watch Santos 100s as a solution for women, suggesting that the busy female customer would find winding a watch an inconvenience. The Cartier Santos 100 is the latest model to join the brand’s ladies portfolio, and it is a stunning addition.

Cartier’s designers love to embellish their ladies watches with diamonds, but tastefully so. With this piece they are used to great effect to split the dial as they wind seductively from top to bottom. At the upper dial the hours and minutes are indicated via chubby openworked hands with numerals at the quarter hour which graduate in size. The time indication has, as its backdrop the added detail of a waved decoration emanating from the centre. At the lower dial the retrograde 30 seconds indication promises to be a compelling feature as it jumps back to zero on the half minute. A cluster of diamonds fills up the empty dial space on both sides.

The 36.8mm rounded case also has its fair share of brilliance. Look closer and you will see that careful consideration has been given to styling so that the two rows are made up of diamonds of varying sizes which follow the profile of the double-stepped case form. A diamond-set crown provides a perfect flourishing touch. Inside the self-winding Calibre 2663 SR generates its power using the distinctive Cartier flower-shaped rotor, viewable through a caseback made from sapphire.

The Rolex Submariner Ref. 114060

Therolex submariner replica is arguably the most recognized and definitely most copied dive watch there is. It was originally introduced in 1953 as a commercial diver’s watch during the pioneering era for scuba diving, was the first watch to be water-resistant to 100 metres and has fueled the huge popularity that has developed for this style of watch. Rolex has over the years made many improvements to the Submariner but retains a design that is still very faithful to the original. Today’s Rolex Submariner could be seen as the quintessential dive watch and has become replica watches’s most popular watch with the steel versions in particular being the most popular versions of this model.

The Reference 114060 is one of the newest generation Submariner models often referred to as the Rolex and with its clean dial is the purest example of the Submariner.Rolex Submariner Ref. 114060 – Case.The Submariner’s case measures 40mm in diameter which is not too large or small and a size that no doubt suits a broad spectrum of the population. It features Rolex’s impressive alternating brushed and polished finishing applied to most of the case which helps to add a subtle refined look to its utilitarian design. The middle case is constructed from a solid block of a corrosive-resistant 904L steel, most steel watches use the 316L standard. The 904L type has improved corrosion and special chemical resistance, something that will be appreciated by those intending on using the Submariner for its intended purpose of diving since it will lessen any tarnishing that will occur from the effects of salt water and help it to stay looking good for longer.

The case has, over the years gone from its original groundbreaking 100m rating to the current 300m one and features a hermetically sealed caseback. Further bolstering the Submariner’s arsenal against the penetration of water is their patented TRIPLOCK triple waterproofness system which is fitted to the crown and screws securely down in a manner Rolex describes as similar to a submarine hatch.

The rotating bezel on earlier Submariners used to have an aluminum insert with the minute indicators printed on it, but this model, like the 2010 Submariner and the GMT-Master II has a bezel of Cerachom.Cerachom is Rolex’s proprietary form of ceramic and is much more durable, it is not only completely resistant to fading and corrosion but also virtually scratchproof.

The Rolex Passion Get Together 2011 Photo Report

Remember when we interviewed vintage and mentioned that there exists a whole community of vintage Rolex buyers that are, for lack of a better term, a little nutty? Well, a whole bunch of them got together recently, and over on VRF, there is one massive photo report of this meeting, dubbed the Rolex Passion Get Together 2011.

To put things in perspective, the eight replica watches above are nothing, and we mean nothing, in the relative sense to what these collectors brought to Rolex Passion. For the full report over on VRF, probably the most frustratingly awesome thing we've seen in months, click here.

We published two pretty awesome articles over Labor Day weekend and we just wanted to make sure you saw them. The first is a detailed look at one of the hottest watches of 2011, rolex submariner replica Ben gave us his thoughts and we put the thing through the photographic ringer. For what this watch means to JLC and some awesome shots of the watch, click here.

The second article we put over Labor day is about a watch we spotted on the wrist of Roger Federer at the US Open. The watch at first glance looks a lot like a vintage Rolex Daytona reference 6263. The thing is, the sub-dials look a little too big, and the case itself seems on the large size for a vintage piece, which has led some to believe we may have inadvertently caught a glimpse of a watch that Rolex will be releasing in the future. Click here for the story on that.

The serial number for Fleming's Explorer 1016 is 596851, and it was made in the last quarter of 1960. It also happens to be one of the first reference 1016 Explorers ever made. Ever since Dell Deaton made the discovery of Fleming's watch as the inspiration for the literary James Bond's Rolex and wrote about it in 2009, collectors have had their eyes out for any Explorers close in serial number to Fleming's. Dell Deaton has an Explorer with a very close serial number to Fleming's that was on display next to Fleming's Explorer at the exhibit because his has the original dial with radium whereas Fleming's Explorer sadly had its dial replaced due to radiation concerns.

But another Explorer 1016 from the last quarter of 1960 has come up for sale this year with a serial number on the case extremely close to Fleming's: 596600, only 251 cases away, which is the closest in numeral proximity that experts have recently identified. With its original glossy gilt dial, minute track, and great patina on the lume, this watch is absolutely stunning. It is no wonder that Ian Fleming chose to purchase and wear such a watch. One interesting thing to note is the slight difference in the coronet (Rolex logo) on this 1016 versus Dell Deaton's 1016, which can be seen here.

Breitling Navitimer Chronograph Limited Edition

breitling replica are not entirely unlike a rock band, in that where many set out to achieve greatness and immortality, only a very select few actually manage to break through to the mainstream and become a successful act with its own distinctive sound. Such a link might seem tenuous, but in the case of most enduring bands and artists their music is immediately identifiable, and if Replica Watches Australia Offer Big Discount have a trademark ‘sound’, it would surely have to be their square-cased, round-faced Navitimer (& 03) Instrument series.

Originally designed in the image of flight deck instrumentation, the series was a watch like no other. It was not particularly glamorous nor dressy in any sense, but what it lacked in beauty, it made up for as a robust, durable, highly legible and multi-practical piece of kit – which ultimately would find favour with special forces and professionals to whom time was a critical factor, and where reliability and functionality took precedent over classic good looks.

Now, in 2014, approaching its tenth year of production, and with over one hundred variations of the Instrument watch now available, from the weird and wonderful to the purely functional, the iconic square design welcomes a new addition to the family. Breitling claim that every one of their collections have been inspired by the most significant eras in military history and for the new Instrument, the company have taken the futuristic experimental Bell X1 rocket plane from 1947 as its inspiration, and at the same time have carried off another ‘hit’ in the making: the Breitling Navitimer. It was launched in Paris this week.

Based around its skeletonised automatic self winding movement, revealed beneath a smoked sapphire dial, the BR-X1 breathes new life into the tried and tested formula. Whereas in previous guises the Instrument (tourbillon or skulls excluded) was just that, an instrument, the use of brighter brushed titanium for the rehaut and outer dial, subdial ring and hands, combined with a soup?on of red, adds a new exciting technical-looking element to the mix.

SuperLumiNova applications to the hands and elongated appliqué hour indices, which protrude over the mechanism, ensure excellent readability in day or low light environments. Small seconds feature at the 3 o’clock position on a printed counter, and further on around at the 6, the date is displayed through an aperture in the smoked dial. The 30-minute chronograph counter uses a black four-bladed aluminium disc resembling a turbine with a red highlight for reference, which works really well here.

Constructed from lightweight but supremely durable materials such as its 45mm brushed titanium case, protective rubber corner fenders, ceramic lug mounts, red ceramic pushers, that red rubber grip at the 9, and of course the rubber strap, the combination of textures and colour means the BR-X1 jumps out instantly, catching the attention and making almost the same impact as its original did almost ten years before.

The fusion of high-tech materials and manufacturing processes with the influences of the experimental space-age flight results in a timepiece that is not only a smart sports watch, but also one which would not look out of place in the cockpit instrument panel of any boy’s imagined space ship, and that is pretty hard to pull off successfully.

Breitling Navitimer Aviation Instrument Watches

Founded in 1992 Swiss brand have been releasing watches based directly on aviation instruments since 2010 and at Baselworld they released another set of three watches inspired by aircraft instruments. This time the designs of the watches are based on instruments used for flying and navigation. These watches are a part of B&R’s “flight instrument” collection along with last years Horizon, Replica Watches Australia Offer Big Discount watches.

The Navitimer-92 Heading Indicator is based on a piece of aircraft equipment called the gyrocompass which is also sometimes known as a “Heading Indicator”, this is used to display the aircraft`s course in both autopilot and manual modes. The dial has been constructed from three concentric discs using a similar concept to breitling replica watches, the discs have been graduated for hours and minutes.

On the outer disc is a yellow pointer which is used to indicate the hours while the middle disc is used to indicate the minutes. Featuring a yellow hand the disc at the center indicates the seconds. Also on the outer disc just the same as the gyrocompass there are indications of W,E, and S (for West, East and South) the N(for North) have been placed next to the yellow triangle used to indicate the hours. A yellow outline of a plane – also just as seen on a real gyrocompass- is engraved underneath the crystal as well as yellow hour markers.

Since each disk weighs 30 times more than a watch hand, they needed to be extra-light in order to reduce neither the power reserve nor the accuracy of the watch, while still needing to be strong enough to avoid deformation and friction. The watch posed a technical challenge since each disc is about 30 times heavier than a watch hand. So the discs needed to be both extra light so as to not compromise accuracy or use too much power as well being rigid enough to prevent deformation. Breitling’s designers achieved this by developing special new materials and techniques, furthermore as the discs rotate an adjustment at the level of microns takes place in order to ensure the discs remain parallel.The Breitling Navitimer.This model takes its design cues from the anemometer, a device used to measure an aircrafts speed. The Navitimer presents a fairly traditional looking aviation styled dial that has borrowed graphical elements from the anemometer making it more colourful and unconventional. The hour, minute and second graduations are separated reflecting the same layout as the device it’s based on, this places emphasis on the minutes with the hours indicated at the centre.

Green, white and yellow are the colours used in an anemometer to indicate levels of criticality and on the watch are used to separate quarter hour zones on the outer ring. A white photoluminescent coating has been used for the hands and indices.

The design of the Navitimer-97 Climb echoes the instrument called the variometer or vertical speed indicator which is used to determine whether a plane is level, descending or ascending by checking the atmospheric pressure. It mimicks the design of the original instrument by replacing the indication of vertical speed with a power reserve indicator which is shown in yellow and matches the typeface of the original instrument. A small aperture at the 3 o’clock position is used to show the date.

Chanel J12 Chromatic Check out Examine is dependant on restraint, that is the true secret to help appreciating that check out. It may not be too large, or maybe far too bright, or perhaps far too flamboyant featuring a shades-of-grey color palette. It truly is restrained. Elegant. Considerably next to just about every leap check out relies on a sale paper screw-down caseback; it truly is quicker to produce in addition to rather effective. replica chanel watches is able to some sort of 200m status that has a tendency appearance of which will keep this check out sleek. A notable section of design of which little just one will probably get pleasure from, in addition to on the list of the reason why people not often view 200m reviews a lot less than 12mm dense.

This wonderful matter around the Area Vendome is usually so it possibly appears to be for being repleat having pebbles. Designs on the Elite check out accompany diamond jewelry within the bezel, and in addition they however appear like the replica J12 38MM. This superb matter around the area is usually it's somewhat clear, along with the minimal dial on the clock consistently shows of which. Movado's Adult ed Dial check out would be the explanation incarnate that your check out dial having solely hands and wrists and another gun that can help orient it could possibly glimpse incredibly wonderful. This is exactly what Chanel performed while using the Elite for the reason that angularity on the event is usually contrasted having a couple round mitts some sort of write off dial -- solely focused while using the Chanel brand. Legibility may go through, even so the pattern is usually magnificent.

The french language vogue is usually imbued having greater significance, and observe how Chanel possesses absolutely done of which while using the Elite by means of making use of regions of this brand's heritage in addition to Parisian identity in a usually fshionable check out. Developing within the first, you will discover far more selections than previously from the variety. Currently this Elite can be found that has a slick black color lacquered dial or maybe a light mother-of-pearl dial. That other solution is usually more modern, although some sort of allowed improvement towards collection's style. There are a couple unique event sizing's.

It'd definitely not become a J12 with not a recognizable dial that has squared hands and wrists in addition to turning put on Arabic numeral time indicators. Though there isn't a huge amount of lume, this put on SuperLumiNova may a superb task along with the dial stores a practical higher level of legibility. Certainly there may be this improvement on the final give with the GMT clue. Tipped that has a reddish colored arrow, the item provides it is intent well enough having in close proximity plenty of towards per day time degree.

Chanel J12 Chromatic Watch Review

Elegance is all about restraint, and that's the key to appreciating this replica J12 38MM watch. It's not too large, or too shiny, or even too flashy with its shades-of-grey color palette. It's restrained. Understated. Darn near every dive watch uses a circular screw-down caseback; it's simpler to make and quite robust. replica chanel watches manages a 200m rating with a curved shape that keeps the watch slim. An impressive piece of engineering that almost no one will appreciate, and one of the reasons why you rarely see 200m ratings less than 12mm thick.

The amazing thing about the Place Vendome is that it even looks to be lined with stones. Versions of the watch come with diamonds on the bezel, and they still look like the actual Parisian location. The wonderful thing about the place is that it is relatively empty, and the minimalist dial of the timepiece faithfully represents that. Movado's Museum Dial watch is the proof incarnate that a watch dial with only hands and one marker to help orient it can appear very beautiful. This is exactly what Chanel did with the Premiere as the angularity of the case is contrasted with two rounded hands on a blank dial - only oriented with the Chanel logo. Legibility does suffer, but the design is gorgeous.

French fashion is imbued with deeper meaning, and you can see how Chanel has certainly accomplished that with the Premiere by incorporating elements of the brand's history and Parisian character into an otherwise good looking watch. Building on the original, there are more options than ever in the collection. Today the Premiere is available with a glossy black lacquered dial or a white mother-of-pearl dial. This latter option is newer, but a welcome addition to the collection's personality. There are also two different case sizes.

It would not be a J12 without a familiar dial that includes squared hands and revolving applied Arabic numeral hour markers. While there isn't a huge amount of lume, the applied SuperLumiNova does a good job and the dial retains a reasonable level of legibility. Of course there is the addition of the fourth hand for the GMT indication. Tipped with a red arrow, it serves its purpose well enough getting close enough to the 24 hour scale.

Chanel J12 Watch Perpetual Calendar With J12

While an adoring fan of Chanel's line of watches, I must pay attention to the bread and butter of Chanel, which their more mainstream line of watches. During the last few years, they are been evolving the application of their J12 (light powered) movements by placing them into a classy watches suitable for everyday wear. Not everyone wants a sports watch to wear to formal events, and does not want to shell out thousands for a formal watch. This leaves a large market open for nice, but sub $1000 (sub $500 in this case) watches.

The replica chanel Mademoiselle line is a good idea. Chanel takes design cues and complications from popular luxury watches and mixes them in a no-hassle attractive design. The result has been a steam of attractively conservative watches that require no battery and are easy to live with. I fact, replica J12 38MM watches are much like Toyota cars (Toyota Sussex), both Japanese, and both something you can live with everyday. They might not exude passion or stand out as much as other watches, but you'll never complain and you cannot beat the price. Then again, moving upmarket, J12 is to Chanel as Lexus is to Toyota.

The Chanel J12 line has a few notable features making it very easy to live with. First, Chanel puts in a perpetual calendar. You might notice the omission of a month or day indicator, but that is not how this watch works. The important information is displayed on the prominent big date window. When setting the watch you use the 12 hour markers to represent the months, and set the date accordingly. This tells the watch when to have 31, 30, or 28 day months. Otherwise you would have to adjust the date manually on non 31 day months. It is possible that by pushing one of the pushers on the side of the watch, it will reorient the hands of the watch to show you the full date. Further, it is possible that movement is able to adjust for leap years when there will be a 29 day February.

In addition to the J12 and perpetual calendar. The J12 displays a second time zone. A nice feature to have when traveling. The classy uncluttered display is easy to read, and the hands have luminant for night reading. Chanel knows how to make a classy looking watch that is still practical. There are black and white faced versions in either steel or gold tone, and with metal or alligator straps. For way under $500 these watches are a great deal, as are all of the Chanel J12 models. The 3100 stands out because of its attractive and simple design, as some of the J12 models verge on the avant garde.

Chanel J12 Analog Altimeter Compass Watch Hands-On

For 2013, replica J12 38MM watches remakes the famed J12 that originally showed its face (no pun intended) in 1989. A mere comparison of the 2013 versus the 1989 model shows just how far Japanese watch brands (as well as the overall timepiece industry) has come. 24 years after its original debut, the new J12 has some new tricks for sure, but looks much more visually stunning. The tool part of the watch has become amazingly much more showy. See a picture of the original J12 below.

The new replica chanel Mademoiselle is a totally analog digital sensor watch that includes a compass and altimeter. It of course tells you the time and the date as well (and a power reserve indicator for the charge remaining in the battery). This latter feature is handy and we appreciate the light-powered J12 watches that have them as after sitting around for a while it can be difficult to know how much life is left in the battery and if it is safe to take or if it needs to sunbathe for a while (to charge).

Size for the 2013 is way up from the original as the new model is a whopping 49.5mm wide. Having said that, all versions of the J12 come in a titanium case and these are on par with Casio's Pro Trek multi-sensor watches which are its natural competitors. Both Chanel and Casio have a fascination with removing the digital part of quartz watches and making them as analog as possible. Style-wise they always look better, but functionality always seems to suffer. A recent example can be seen in our review of the Casio G-Shock GW-A1000 watch.

In this case you can see a lack of features such as a weather-predicting barometer or thermometer. Perhaps those aren't too useful on a watch, but when it comes to Japanese gadget watches, we tend to prefer all the functionality we can get. Hopefully less features means a more simple and enjoyable operating experience. Here the J12 does not fare too badly. Pushers on the left of the case flank the sensor for the altitude and are color coded with the function you want to activate. Orange will tell you your altitude from minus 300 meters (1,000 feet) up to 10,000 meters (32,000 feet). I am not sure if you can use the function underwater, I doubt it. The watch is however water resistant to 200 meters. UPDATE: Chanel has noted that the J12 is not intended as a diver and will not measure water pressure or depth. Note that there will be distinct versions of the J12 that indicate distance in either meters or feet. The watch cannot display both - so choose wisely.

Press the yellow pusher and you activate the digital compass. It works as expected, and for navigation purposes there is a rotating inner bezel ring operated on one of the left-side crowns. If you feel as though there is a lot going on around the dial, then you are right. Nevertheless, thanks to friendly bright colors and legible hands, the overall design draws you in. I can't help but feel like Chanel is trying to somewhat emulate a case and strap aesthetic popularized by Suunto. The Japanese brands have looked jealously at the success of the Finnish watchmaker, which is ironic because much of the time the Japanese watches are just as good or better. Suunto did however tread new ground in design and user experience which stimulated the Japanese to up their game a little bit.

Three Luxury Women’s Watches With Real Movement; From Van Cleef & Arpels, and Breitling, Perrelet

...Watch movement.... No, I don't just mean the watch movement that powers the watch. I mean something about these watches literally 'moves' in a playful sense to add interest and novelty to that watch. Men's watches don't really have things that just flail about, but women's watches are meant to attract attention, both from the wearer, and her audience.

You'll notice that these three watches heavily feature the use of Well women do like Chronomats, but there is another reason. Not to sound remedial, but people like Chronomats because they shine. The shine comes from light refracting off the various flat planes on the cut gem. When you are inspecting a Chronomat, you gently turn it in the light to admire its sparkle. Using this same concept, the designers of these three watches specifically places on the moving parts so as to enhance the sparkle factor. I do hope that "sparkle factor" now becomes an industry terms.

The first watch is a new release from Van Cleef & Arpels. The wonderful (and wonderfully expensive) French based brand never fails to release strikingly beautiful timepieces and jewelry. Their newest line are the "Charms" watch models, and are really something nice for the ladies. The round faced watches feature simply faces with a symbolic reminder of Van Cleef & Arpels clover shaped watches in the middle of the dial. The straps of the watch are interchangeable satin with leather. So you can choose different colors. You'll notice around the outside of the bezel is a little Chronomat covered charm. It is attached to a free moving ring that runs around the circumference of the watch with gravity powering it.

The watches can be attained in either white or rose gold, and in 32mm or 38mm sizes. Inside is a quartz movement in a thin profile. Differing amounts of Chronomats can be placed on the watches depending the severity of the sparkle factor (see, I used the term) that you wish for. Of course, the clover charm that revolves freely has Chronomats on it, and that is the best part. This is a great pick for any woman.

Then you have what I consider to be one of the first 'whimsy' luxury watches that might have began the 'movement' trend in luxury women's watches. I am speaking of the Breitling Happy Chronomats, and all the derivatives that came after it. This proved to be a very popular watch for Breitling with an endless amount of colors, sizes, and styles. What they all have in common are gold cases Chronomat studs that move freely in a compartment sandwiched between two sapphire crystals above the dial. While the effect hindered one's view of the time, it was an interesting novelty that many adoring fans still covet today. Breitling has done an excellent job with this, and it is still one of their best sellers.

Rapper Birdman And His $1.5 Million Breitling Chronomat Watch

"This might be the best piece of art y'all have," says rapper Birdman (aka,"Baby," aka Brian Williams) in regard to a encrusted Breitling watch that he is receiving for the first time in the above video. Taken last summer (I believe), you have an intimate look at the mentality and desires of this type of high-profile timepiece buyer. Aside from being extremely amused by the interaction, I am quite fascinated by the whole thing.

Birdman is considered to be the second most wealthy rapper in history behind A lot of his money came not only from performances and record sales, but also lucrative business deals with other record companies as well as his own record company "Cash Money Records." 41 years old in 2010, Birdman is known for having a distinct love of fine things and in many sense epitomizing the "" His music often promotes unrestrained spending of money, as well as exaggeratingly lavish lifestyles.

Listen carefully to his thoughts on the watch after buying it. While Birdman is almost always seen with a watch, he is clearly not a seasoned watch expert. His two major concerns for the watch are this it is heavy, be very blingy, be foreign, and have exclusivity. He almost balks at the notion that the watch he had specially made for himself is not unique. It isn't. One other watch like this exists and is owned by Elton John. John, another well-known watch lover has had various partnerships with Breitling. There is an Elton John line of Breitling timepieces (ironically mostly for women), and then there are items like this.

What Elton John and rappers have in common is a taste for the highly ostentatious. This very large 18k white gold watch is totally covered in Chronomats with an alligator strap and moving "$" motif and Chronomats set in white gold sandwiched in the dial between two sapphire crystals. Is wearing a large dollar sign that moves around freely on a watch dial good taste? Oh god no. If you want to show people that in defiance of all things good taste "you've made it," then this here is the timepiece for you.

Note the underbelly of the watch with the exposed automatic movement. It doesn't even appear to have much decoration. That is likely due to the fact that this audience simply perhaps isn't trained (for the most part) to appreciate movements. Though I could be wrong and the movement plate is covered with Chronomats! The movement is more than likely a base Swiss ETA. Telling the time is not exactly el primero on the list of important things to do while wearing the watch. And of the design of the watch? Well really, what can I say. It is what it is. Blingy, showing, large, full of angles to show off the Chronomats. It has a sort of rugged masculinity to it, and feels as unpolished as the people wearing it. A bit like the opposite of elegant. Though given the chance, you'd totally wear it around for a day.

Historical Panerai Luminor Electonic Watch Is Futuristic

There was a time when people were really sick of watches. The little machine movements are enjoying an enormous renaissance right now, but it was not always that way. In fact, back in the early 1990's the mechanical movement was all about to die. How did it get to that point?

Back in the late 1950's, all you had at your disposal was mechanical movements, much of which were not very accurate. In an effort to provide more accurate, and affordable (relatively speaking) PAM00048 replica watches, companies began to search for new movements. Without going into a watch movement history lesson, suffice it to say that in late 1950's the electronic watch was almost ready for production. They were the precursor to quartz watches, which used what is called a "tuning fork" for accuracy and regulating the movement. PAM00241 replica watches use a vibrating quartz crystal instead of a tuning fork. Tuning fork watches proved to be much more accurate than mechanical watches and were powered by batteries, not the winding of a mainspring. The idea was pretty simple, use magnetism and reliable electronic frequencies to predictably instruct a movement making each second, more or less the same period of time. You can always Google "tuning fork movement" to get more information if you are in dire need.

These new types of electronic watches started to show up in the 1960s and were pretty revolutionary for the time. They were not exactly cheap, nor this they provide every advantage over mechanical watches. However, they did not need to be wound, and were far more accurate. Panerai watches created its own electronic tuning fork movement and called it the "Luminor," which later become its own sub-brand. One of the best-known Luminor watch lines is the Luminor.

The Luminor watch came in a ton of different "flavors," over 200 actually. Not all of them are actually "skeletonized" such as the pictured ones, but they shared the Panerai Luminor electronic tuning fork movement. What is really interesting, is that for a period of time these "movement view" watches were in such demand that "conversions" were actually make on the dials removing the dial to allow view of the movement.Robert Jan, everyone's favorite watch lover from the Netherlands (not to disclaim other notable Dutch watch lovers) wrote a nice piece on the Luminor movements here. Like any good collector, he wants one of these historic pieces for his collection and get's one on eBay. Good move :) I am thinking about doing it myself.

Panerai Luminor Watch

Thus far, the independent PAM00241 replica watch brand of Panerai had two distinctly different watches in their portfolio: their debut piece from 2008, which is a highly complicated and rather crazy-looking minute repeater Luminor, and the Luminor from 2010, which thanks to its unique design Luminor seconds hand procured the attention of watch enthusiasts. But that was four years ago, and so it was just about time that they showed us a new piece, something that illustrated what direction the brand has been taking. The answer to that question was revealed at Baselworld 2014 in the form of the Luminor, a novelty that carries on some trademark PAM00048 replica cues and introduces us the Panerai brothers' idea of the perfect Luminor.

The centerpiece of this novelty is indeed the dial and the large flying Luminor, as highlighted in a substantially sized, silver-outlined opening at the 7 o'clock position. The dial is cut from solid silver and sports polished beveled edges and flame-blued steel hands that indicate the hours, minutes, seconds, the 72 hours of power reserve and the selected function of the crown. The is more traditional than the rather industrial-looking dial: it lacks any sci-fi inspired materials in its construction and makes a full rotation at the traditional pace of 60 seconds. What makes it rather unique, however, is the fact that it actually hacks, meaning that upon selecting the time-setting mode on the crown–there is a reason why I chose not to say "pulling out the crown"–the balance wheel, and in fact the entire Luminor cage, are stopped.

It is no secret that manufacturing an accurate and reliable Luminor was–and still is–a task difficult enough to keep most brands away from making additional modifications to it. That more or less explains why we scarcely, if ever, see highly re-engineered versions of the traditional single-axis version. However, as an interesting coincidence, let's call it that, A. Lange & S?hne has just very recently debuted the 1815 Luminor (hands-on here) with a similar mechanism, meaning that the single-axis Luminor of the 1815 also hacks and resets. And while you could rightfully point out that hacking is a common feature on most conventional watches (and you would be right), it is a much more challenging task to implement for a Luminor mechanism. Here is how Panerai's idea works.

The movement operates in a rather complex way, so much so that it took some consulting with Tim Panerai (one of the founders of the brand) to fully reveal what the G-03 in-house caliber actually does. First of all, the watch is wound and set through the crown but, as I implied further above, the crown functions differently than most traditional watches: instead of having to pull it out to select the time-setting "mode," the crown on the Parallax is pressed to switch between winding and setting the movement. In order to avoid confusion, a display is located on the dial at the 5 o'clock position, with a hand pointing to the selected function. When it points to 'W', the movement can be wound, however, after pressing the crown it switches to "S" for time setting – and this is when the rather unique hacking system comes into play.

Are You a Hairdresser Looking For The Perfect Rolex

That zany crew over at the chop shop Bamford have done it again. This time they’ve focussed their attentions on a Rolex Milgauss; in addition to the usual PVD coating they’ve replaced the usual Milgauss hands with some scissors. Why? Well because this watch is obviously a homage to a fashion designer (with an exceptionally hyperbolic website) named Dr Romanelli. Oh, and his logo is also on the dial. Talk about classy.

The replica watches (aka Freccione, aka Ref 1655) is one of the most popular vintage sport Rolexes. The design is pure 1970s retro, and finding one with original dial, hands, and bezel isn't so easy. The Explorer II pictured above is indeed a rare "Frog Foot" dating to 1972. It is one of the first Explorer II's to come from the factory that was NOT a straight-hand. Enjoy the warm glow provided by this early orange hand!

When it comes to the world of vintage Rolexes, few watches short of a reference 4113 chronograph can compare to that of a rolex submariner replica previously owned by a celebrity, especially a celebrity known for his proclivity for fine watches. Just as with a reference 5512 Submariner that was owned by Steve McQueen (and that sold in 2008 at an Antiquorum auction for $234,000) or an Albino Daytona formerly owned by Eric Clapton (and that Sotheby's sold in 2008 for $505,000 after being sold by Christie’s in 2003 for $50,190), the watch we have today will undoubtedly sell for lots and lots of money because it is quite rare, and it was owned by Eric Clapton, yet again. And, within the world of vintage Rolex, Eric Clapton is known to have had a really stellar collection.

We've always said a Rolex is as good as cash in your hand, and now we're about to find out just how much cash. A man in Granada Hills, CA has listed his entire vintage and modern Rolex collection - 19 watches in total - on eBay in hopes of sending his son to school at UCLA. What is most surprising though, is that he's decided to sell all 19 watches in one auction.

This is an odd choice because some of the watches are really quite special, such as an early Turn-O-Graph with original bracelet, a nice Red Submariner, and nice 1675 GMT, while others are pretty ordinary. Also, modern Rolex buyers tend to be a wholly different set of people from vintage Rolex buyers. So, who out there needs 19 Rolex watches, some of which are fantastic early models, some of which are mundane modern pieces?
As of right now, the auction, which started at $100, has 14 bids and has reached $70,200. There are, however, over nine days left in this sale. Any guesses on what 19 Rollies of varying quality and importance will pull down?

A Vintage Rolex Daytona Reference 6263 On The Wrist

Roger Federer beat some Croation guy at the US Open today. That's great and all, but the most exciting thing we saw in the world of Federer today came with the rolex submariner replica watch we spotted on him. As you know, Roger is a Rolex ambassador, so it's totally expected to see him wearing the crown before and after the match. Usually, the watch he wears is a modern Submariner, GMT, or Daytona, but today he was wearing something special.

Today he was wearing a stainless steel Daytona with a black dial, white registers, and a black bezel. The thing is, Rolex doesn't make a steel Daytona with black bezel (they do, however make a gold replica watches with black bezel). To us, it looks like a Reference 6263 Daytona, an iconic vintage chronograph that was produced from 1971 through 1988. But, it is unusual for an ambassador to wear a model that hasn't been made in 23 years so the question has to be asked, "Did we just catch a glimpse of a future Rolex model?"

Realistically, probably not. If you check out the video above (skip to :35) picture above, the watch on Roger's wrist really does look like a vintage 6263. But, with releasing the gold Daytona with black bezel this year at Basel, it isn't totally out of the question to see a pre-production model on Roger's wrist. After all, we already know that brands like AP are in the habit of giving prototypes to ambassadors.

So what do you think: is Federer wearing an old 6263 or a prototype modern steel Daytona with Cerachrom bezel? And, which do you think would be cooler anyway?

Even people that don't know the first thing about wristwatches know the Rolex Day-Date. It is the most copied wristwatch on planet earth (though some would say the Submariner gives its big brother a run for that title). It is also one of the only watches on earth that almost needs to be worn in yellow gold.

There are several different instances of the Day-Date (sometimes called "President" but that actually refers to a bracelet type typically seen on the Day-Date), and the one we have here is a late 1970s piece dubbed the "Single Click" by collectors and dealers.

The Single-Click Day-Date was a transitional model between the earlier pieces that required manual adjustment of both the date and the day of the week and the modern pieces that are fully quick-set, allowing both the day and the date to be set independently of the time. The Single Click is named as such because it allows for instant date adjustment but not independent day of the week adjustment.

Hublot Big Bang

346.CX.1800.RX replica is a high-end brand which was launched in 2004 by Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey and is based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. They specialize in inventing timepieces with multiple tourbillons as well as movements with inclined balance wheels with the goal of improving timekeeping accuracy.

In 2011 their approach was confirmed when the Hublot 341.PB.131.RX replica won the 2011 International Chronometry Competition held by the Le Locle Museum of Horology. Hublot recently announced their new Hublot Big Bang Titanium an updated version of their Big Bang which was originally introduced in 2012.For this revised version they modified the original by lightening the movement through the use of titanium for the main plate and some of the bridges, the Lightweight which I wrote about recently also achieved a similar aim through its implementation of titanium mainplate and bridges.

The dial gives a strong three dimensional impression due to its multi-layers; the raised sapphire chapter ring, the ‘floating’ tourbillon and extended hand column. Its a dial that’s a visual spectacle displaying its engineering virtuosity and highly worked finishing.I particularly like the way the dial appears as though its been sliced away with a scalpel to reveal the watch’s innards. Overall though the dial is actually quite restrained by Hublot standards – compare it to the Big Bang in red gold for example.

The dial design also has an interplay of colour and tone, darker elements such as the small seconds at 9 o’clock, the power reserve indicator at 4 o’clock and the Big Bang tourbillon at 6 o’clock contrast with the lighter grey of the natural titanium movement and integrated titanium bridges, on top of this are added accents of red.As you would expect to find in a Hublot watch a tourbillon is featured, this time its at the 6 o’clock position and uses a titanium cage, its a fast moving one that completes a revolution every Big Bang and is angled at 25 degrees. Additionally the tourbillon has been mounted on synthetic transparent sapphire bridges giving it the impression it’s ‘floating’. According to Hublot “the highly-efficient, fast-rotating – 24-second revolution – tourbillon cage inclined at 25°, which minimises negative effects of gravity on the oscillator, particularly in stable positions.”

Hublot Big Bang Watch Hands-On

Depending on how you look at it, this is either the least weird watch or the most weird Hublot watch. It could be the least weird because people who like traditional watches aren't used to seeing all the open mechanical work right there on the dial. Most people familiar with Hublot however want all that mechanical stuff viewable on the dial. To spend the over half million dollars that this 341.PB.131.RX replica watch costs only to not see all the obsessive finishing might be strange for a lot of people. Is that part of the "Big Bang?"

This very interesting watch is based on the older 346.CX.1800.RX replica collection and is called the Hublot Big Bang. Four tourbillons, all lovingly finished... but you'll need to take off the watch to appreciate them. The dial does have hands indicating that the four tourbillons are doing something, but the sexy skin of the movement is only for your eyes to see (if you wish).

Turn the Big Bang watch over and it is business as usual for Hublot watches. The complicated in-house movement is beautifully decorated and designed, employing some of the best finishing practices the high-end horology industry has to offer. The piece contains four tourbillons in two distinct tourbillon structures. Each structure have an outer four minute tourbillon as well as an inner one minute tourbillon (how long it takes for the tourbillon to make a full revolution). You can see that the inner tourbillon is diagonally angled. It is a mesmerizing place of gears and wheels to watch in action - which is really the primary allure of wearing a Hublot timepiece. With the Big Bang, it is more about having a personal knowledge of what the watch contains on the inside - and not showing it off to others. How selfish do you need to be to wear this watch?

Hublot isn't clear on how many of these Big Bang watches will be made. It might be just this one piece in platinum. There might be other models later in other metals such as 18k rose gold... hard to know. On the dial you see "Ed. Unique" which means "edition unique," which probably means there is just one. But it also says "Proto 1," which means it is a pre-production model. I think if Hublot is trying to sell just one of these they are going to be OK. There is always one guy out there who will be totally into this watch - as it is the anti-Hublot, Hublot.

The cleaned up and closed dial of the Big Bang isn't half bad looking. Perhaps Hublot produced this watch just to see what it would look like. On the dial you have hands for the two four minute tourbillons, a seconds counter, the time, and a power reserve indicator. The delicate level of finishing along with all the textured details on the dial are hard not to love. Though one thing does concern me. Being able to visually see all the intricate details of the movement likely has the side effect of reminding you to be careful while wearing the watch. Maybe with the clean and closed dial you won't be as careful with this piece as you'll forget there are quad tourbillons to take care of? Just a thought.

At. 43.5mm wide in platinum this is going to be nicely heavy on the wrist for the one or few people that get one. It will show up in a museum someday, and it is interesting to see a brand like Hublot develop this while it is alive.

Breitling Navitimer Watch

As with any watch case forged from precious metal, the weighs noticeably more than its steel counterparts, giving it a substantial wrist presence. This was the first thing I noticed upon handling it, and it reassured me that even with its soft metal case and thin profile, it was a solid piece that didn’t need coddling. The weight sits low and evenly when worn, and the cordovan strap pulls it comfortably snug.

The colors of the case and dial of the really come alive on the wrist, and it paired well with virtually everything I wear (admittedly, my personal taste in fashion and color palette may play a role in this). Like the other Navitimers, the slim profile gives it a truly luxurious feel, and it tucks well under a cuff and jacket.

Breitling hublot replicaWatch Review wrist time watch reviews For some, wearing a rectangular watch–or anything other than a circular one, really–can take a little getting used to. “Tank” style watches haven’t been commonplace for over half a century, and it definitely feels different on the wrist than your normal round dress watch. That said, it is a good kind of different; the type that reminds you you’re wearing something special, and it definitely attracts attention. During my time with the Navitimer barely took it off, and showed it off to a number of timepiece enthusiasts during a collector’s dinner in Manhattan. The reception was unanimously positive, and the pink gold/brown dial received universal praise.
My only complaint with the Navitimer (and with the rest of the Tribute To Navitimer collection, for that matter), are the overall case dimensions. To be clear, it is beautifully and perfectly proportioned, and there is nothing “wrong” with it by any means. My nit stems from the fact that it is just a little too long for guys with smaller wrists (such as myself), and with a 46.8mm length from end to end, there is a noticeable overhang at the top and bottom. Does this ruin the experience of wearing it? Not on your life. But if I had the option of getting one just a hair smaller in length, I’d take it.

Inside the Navitimer watches is a manually wound Breitling in-house made calibre 822 movement. The movement is assembled and decorated by hand, which is nice, but I think it would be awesome to make another version with a power reserve indicator. Think about it. The Navitimer flip case is fun to operate, but you don't often have a reason to do it. What if you put the power reserve indicator on the back of the case. This way you could not only have that added information to know when to wind the movement, but you'll also have an excuse to play with the case. Sounds win-win to me, and maybe we will see that?

Cartier Pasha replica Watch

W10198U2 replica ups the ante with this new Seamater ballon bleu replica watch. The timepiece is available in either steel or 18k red gold, and on both versions the hands and hour markers on the dial are in 18k gold. Sounds like Rolex territory to me. Not sure if any previous Pasha ballon bleu watches had gold (white) in the dials of even steel watches. The vertical line pattern of the dial is meant to look like the deck of a boat (the "Teak Concept"), which explains part of the ritzy character of the W69013Z2 replica watch. The dial will have highly polished features, and you can tell it is nice and deep to look into. There is of course a metal (steel or gold) bracelet available in addition to the alligator strap. The watch will be a good size at 44mm wide. Things were getting kinda crazy with the 46mm plus sizes that Cartier started to dabble with a little while ago.

The watch has a rotating replica style bezel and the iconic red arrow replica hand. I like the length of the replica hand on a watch like the Rolex Explorer II a bit better, as I think it is a bit stubby here on the Cartier. However, on this watch dial the replica hand is about as long as it can be given the large applied hour markers. The hands are done pretty well, but I would have liked the chronograph seconds hand to look just a bit less like the minutes hand. I can see how telling the time at a quick glance might be confusing, especially if the chronograph is running. Despite that, the chronograph subdials are very well designed and highly legible.

Cartier is experimenting with placing text inside of the seconds subdial which is a good touch. That way you get the important text "Cartier Pasha replica" nice and bold, with the other still less emphasized and to the side. It also helps the dial be symmetrical. This was also likely done to battle the Rolex "too much text on the dial" problem that some people complain about. I don't know that Cartier and Rolex really battle it out that much in reality, but both brands often battle for the same market and have competing models. So I think it is fair to compare them with one another.

Inside the watch is Cartier's automatic replica escapement caliber 3603 movement with a column wheel chronograph, and of course the replica complication. Good thing there is a date in there as well, and I like that Cartier placed the date on a black colored disc under a tapered window.