Omega Replica Watch Review

The is based on the tried and true ETA (neé Valjoux) 7750 movement, modified to include a column-wheel chronograph function. This movement is found in various forms throughout their collections and in similarly modified forms throughout the Swatch Group umbrella. It beats with an amplitude of 28,800hz and has a power reserve of roughly 54 hours.

One thing I have come to really appreciate about tag heuer replica’ modern collection is its elegant simplicity. They are, for the most part, universally praised as lovely, simple, robust timepieces with classic style and tremendous value. The Omega Replica is no exception. It wears well on the wrist, its 41mm diameter has presence without being oversized. The thickness is a bit much, particularly when paired with the heavy bracelet, but it would be a challenge to find something thinner in its price bracket.

The dial detail is superb, with texturing and polished elements in all the right places, and its Super Luminova plots remain bright after dark. Anyone who knows my taste in modern watches will know I have a particular disdain for display backs on watches without extravagantly detailed movements, and again I see no need for one here: but it is something consumers have come to expect from mechanical watches, so I’ll shut up for the time being.

Very few would have anything seriously negative to say about this watch. This chronograph version of the Conquest Classic line is a very pleasing if not somewhat uninspired timepiece. This is not to say that it isn’t an effective timekeeper or even a lovely wristwatch: it is all of those things. There is just no standout point of debate or point of contention. It is simple, effective, and classic.

While the retail price of $3,175 is somewhat on the high end of the spectrum for what the timepiece offers, a quick search of trusted retailers brings the more likely sales price way down – almost into “how could I not buy this watch?” territory.

My nits (and I am stretching here to find any sort of reasonable flaw) are that the bracelet end links aren’t a great fit, and make some noise on the wrist. I think I’d prefer a leather strap on this watch anyway, as a little polished steel goes a long way in my book. And to that end, I’d probably prefer the black dial version as well. Regardless, this is a solid timepiece that, while it offers nothing exceptional in regards to design or movement, is a winner for its simplicity.,1862