Cartier Pasha replica Watch

W10198U2 replica ups the ante with this new Seamater ballon bleu replica watch. The timepiece is available in either steel or 18k red gold, and on both versions the hands and hour markers on the dial are in 18k gold. Sounds like Rolex territory to me. Not sure if any previous Pasha ballon bleu watches had gold (white) in the dials of even steel watches. The vertical line pattern of the dial is meant to look like the deck of a boat (the "Teak Concept"), which explains part of the ritzy character of the W69013Z2 replica watch. The dial will have highly polished features, and you can tell it is nice and deep to look into. There is of course a metal (steel or gold) bracelet available in addition to the alligator strap. The watch will be a good size at 44mm wide. Things were getting kinda crazy with the 46mm plus sizes that Cartier started to dabble with a little while ago.

The watch has a rotating replica style bezel and the iconic red arrow replica hand. I like the length of the replica hand on a watch like the Rolex Explorer II a bit better, as I think it is a bit stubby here on the Cartier. However, on this watch dial the replica hand is about as long as it can be given the large applied hour markers. The hands are done pretty well, but I would have liked the chronograph seconds hand to look just a bit less like the minutes hand. I can see how telling the time at a quick glance might be confusing, especially if the chronograph is running. Despite that, the chronograph subdials are very well designed and highly legible.

Cartier is experimenting with placing text inside of the seconds subdial which is a good touch. That way you get the important text "Cartier Pasha replica" nice and bold, with the other still less emphasized and to the side. It also helps the dial be symmetrical. This was also likely done to battle the Rolex "too much text on the dial" problem that some people complain about. I don't know that Cartier and Rolex really battle it out that much in reality, but both brands often battle for the same market and have competing models. So I think it is fair to compare them with one another.

Inside the watch is Cartier's automatic replica escapement caliber 3603 movement with a column wheel chronograph, and of course the replica complication. Good thing there is a date in there as well, and I like that Cartier placed the date on a black colored disc under a tapered window.