Hublot Big Bang

346.CX.1800.RX replica is a high-end brand which was launched in 2004 by Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey and is based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. They specialize in inventing timepieces with multiple tourbillons as well as movements with inclined balance wheels with the goal of improving timekeeping accuracy.

In 2011 their approach was confirmed when the Hublot 341.PB.131.RX replica won the 2011 International Chronometry Competition held by the Le Locle Museum of Horology. Hublot recently announced their new Hublot Big Bang Titanium an updated version of their Big Bang which was originally introduced in 2012.For this revised version they modified the original by lightening the movement through the use of titanium for the main plate and some of the bridges, the Lightweight which I wrote about recently also achieved a similar aim through its implementation of titanium mainplate and bridges.

The dial gives a strong three dimensional impression due to its multi-layers; the raised sapphire chapter ring, the ‘floating’ tourbillon and extended hand column. Its a dial that’s a visual spectacle displaying its engineering virtuosity and highly worked finishing.I particularly like the way the dial appears as though its been sliced away with a scalpel to reveal the watch’s innards. Overall though the dial is actually quite restrained by Hublot standards – compare it to the Big Bang in red gold for example.

The dial design also has an interplay of colour and tone, darker elements such as the small seconds at 9 o’clock, the power reserve indicator at 4 o’clock and the Big Bang tourbillon at 6 o’clock contrast with the lighter grey of the natural titanium movement and integrated titanium bridges, on top of this are added accents of red.As you would expect to find in a Hublot watch a tourbillon is featured, this time its at the 6 o’clock position and uses a titanium cage, its a fast moving one that completes a revolution every Big Bang and is angled at 25 degrees. Additionally the tourbillon has been mounted on synthetic transparent sapphire bridges giving it the impression it’s ‘floating’. According to Hublot “the highly-efficient, fast-rotating – 24-second revolution – tourbillon cage inclined at 25°, which minimises negative effects of gravity on the oscillator, particularly in stable positions.”