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Middle Eastern oil exporters are locked in an increasingly fierce battle for the world fastest growing markets in Asia, as producers worldwide ship more crude east to compensate for shrinking demand from the United States and Europe. The fight for the trillion dollar Asian oil market has ended decades of comfortable dominance for Middle East producers, who faced so little competition that refiners in Asia complained of being charged a premium of a dollar or so per barrel above what buyers in Europe or the Americas paid. A plea hearing for 31 year old Derek Medina is set for Wednesday. Medina had previously pleaded not guilty to second degree murder with a firearm. Medina told detectives after his arrest that he was acting in self defense when he shot 26 year old Jennifer Alonso at their South Miami home on Aug. 8. accused of kidnapping

December 2 10:45 PM Salt Lake Tribune

Moorhead, Minn. A truck driver from Utah is accused of holding a 19 year old relative against her will while the two traveled across country. The 53 year old man from Salt Lake City was arrested last week at a truck scale outside of Moorhead, Minn. A Minnesota state trooper discovered a Florida warrant for the man arrest. The man was charged in Clay County court with kidnapping, false imprisonment and domestic abuse. Madrigal

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