Breitling Chronomat 44 GMT Watch Review ships the majority of their watches (perhaps all of them now that I come to think of it) with COSC Chronometer certifications, which is a measure of accuracy. Using the 12 hour chronograph is a pleasure with the assuring click of the screw-down pushers, though the rounded tip of the screw-down crown (while looking nice) isn't a totally ideal way of manually winding the movement when necessary. One quirk of the movement is sort of a blessing and a curse. Similar to movements such as the Replica Breitling Aeromarine, the Breitling Caliber 01 has a quick hour adjust feature for resetting the time while travelling without having to reset the minute hand. That is handy, however it is also the way you set the date (by rapidly advancing or going back in time with the hour hand). That means it takes a lot longer that simply adjusting the date disc one position at a time when you want to adjust the date. This isn't really an issue if you are simply correcting for a non 31 day month, but if you don't wear the piece all the time and don't have it on a winder, adjusting the date can be tedious. What I would have liked to see is a feature to have an additional way to adjust the date more rapidly. Maybe in the future.

Operating the movement is very pleasing. Replica Breitling Chronospace offers a top-notch experience that is sure to satisfy people interested in the watch as a high-performance machine versus status symbol. In fact, that is one of the main reasons Breitling does well in the United States. That being because people don't just see it as luxury item, but rather as a solid and good looking high-end tool watch. While the brand and watch construction is totally Swiss, there is a certain American feel to the design of the Chronomat. This particular dial is black with silvered subdials, but other color versions are available.

Other than the Colt and Superocean GMT, Breitling does not offer a lot of GMT models. It was a good idea for Breitling to add this popular second time zone complication to its core chronograph movement. These two complications together make for a very useful travel watch. The GMT hand is tipped with a large red arrow and is very easy to see. Around the hour markers is a 24 hour scale for the GMT hand, which really helps when trying to read it. There is also a second GMT time scale on the rotating bezel. This can either be used in addition to the ring on the dial, or rotated give you the ability to track a third timezone. The dial also contains a tachymeter scale on the flange. That isn't a particularly useful feature, but Breitling added it in to help the dial look its best, and as "Breitling" as possible.

Detailing all over the watch is fantastic. Breitling cases and dials are very well machined and rendered. Closeup images of the dial show just how crisp the print and hands are. I want to say here that photographing the dial of the Chronomat 44 GMT was a total pain. That is often the case when you need to use a flash and dials have reflective elements (even though the sapphire crystal is AR coated)... and a Breitling watch that doesn't have reflective elements is practically sacrilege. The hands and hour markers also use a respectable amount of SuperLumiNova for night viewing. While the amount of lume doesn't look to be a lot, the application is sufficient to make the piece easy to read after only being charged by light for a bit. There is a large lume pip on the bezel as well.