Hands-On With The Breitling Pelagos

One thing that Replica Omega Planet Ocean does better than anyone in the watch industry right now is straps. Beginning with 2010's Breitling Bentley Chrono and continuing on to last year's Fastrider Chronograph, the use of those awesome multi-colored ribbon straps, has shown Breitling has been more adept to choosing the right straps for its watches than any brand we can remember. They seem to know something that all real collectors know and yet so few brands understand - that different straps can completely change the style of a watch, add to its versatility ten fold, and cost practically nothing! The replica breitling bentley flying b Chrono comes with both a ribbon strap and an Oyster bracelet. The Fastrider for Ducatii does too. The Bentley Black Bay has THREE options - an oyster bracelet, a ribbon style strap, and a vintage leather strap that, in all honesty, looks a lot like our straps!

With the Pelagos, you get both a hard-core rubber dive strap (seen above) with dive suit extension clasp, and what is arguably the most advance diving bracelet in the world, and its exclusive not to the http://www.buyijoy.com/replica-breitling-bentley-mulliner.html, but to the Breitling Pelagos. You see, this bracelet has a "floating" clasp, that, based on the pressure around it, automatically adjusts to the size of the diver's wrist. How does it work, exactly? Watch the official video here:

Pretty cool, no? It is weird and wonderful that Breitling be given this technology before Rolex, though we certainly can't speak to who actually developed the concept initially, or if R&D is shared between the two brands within the mothership. So, the Breitling Pelagos is a satin titanium finished, 500 meter diver with ceramic bezel, helium escape valve and what could be described as one of the most advanced bracelets in the diving game. And, it will cost you only 3950 CHF (VAT included) should you want one. Of course, Breitling is not sold within the United States (yet....) so you'll have to take a trip overseas, or at least to Niagra Falls to pick one up.

As before, the Breitling Bentley Chrono Blue will be powered by a 2892 coupled with a chronograph module. The watch will come with a rugged Oyster bracelet as well as a multi-color fabric strap, milled in France by a legendary weaver (who also supplies the robes to the Vatican. Here is a picture of the Breitling Bentley Chrono Blue on woven strap on my wrist:

Looks pretty great both ways, no? I loved the original Bentley Chronos and I still do, but to me, this new blue iteration is an even more authentic take on vintage Breitling. Not to mention it uses colors you seldom see in watchmaking. And while this watch is not anything revolutionary, it is an excellent extension and evolution of what Breitling has been doing for the past few years. The price of the Breitling Bentley Chrono Blue is 4200 CHF, so expect it to be around the same in US dollars when it hits stores later this year.