Breitling Officially Launches At New York Fashion Week

Last night Breitling officially relaunched in New York City on the final night of Fashion Week. The celebration included hundreds of guests and brought together watch lovers from the worlds of architecture, fashion, design, and culture. Although Breitling has been on sale at select retailers across the country for weeks, this marks the official launch of the brand in the United States. We've said it before and we'll say it again: Welcome back, Breitling.

This Saturday evening, during Monterey Car Week, replica breitling Bentley Mulliner watches officially went on sale at Fourtan�� in Carmel, California. The family-run Rolex and jewelry retailer invited guests from across the world for its annual Car Week party with the additional draw of launching Breitling in-store. We were among the lucky attendees, and have an inside look at the event, including some of the first Replica Omega Planet Ocean being sold in the USA, collectors sharing knowledge with one another, and of course some great wrist-shots.

Any time a bunch of watch collectors get together, you know you're in for an interesting evening. But Saturday, Fourtan�� took things a few steps further. First off, we were treated to a fully stocked display of brand new Breitlings available for sale. A few even left on the wrists of proud new owners. Then you had collectors swapping vintage tips and trading stories of hunting down whatever was on their wrist. We've got some photos of these watches for you below.

Finally, legendary oceanographer Don Walsh made a surprise appearance - and we caught him trying on the Breitling Pelagos (which he seemed to like). Walsh is an official Rolex ambassador, but he popped into the event purely for his own enjoyment on his way to a different Rolex event.In case you need reminding, Walsh descended into the Mariana Trench with Jacques Piccard in the Trieste in 1960, reaching a record-setting maximum depth of over 35,000 feet. Rolex gave him a watch to commemorate the 50th anniversary of this descent, and instead of a Deepsea, Walsh chose a green Submariner. The engraving is beyond impressive, right?

Whether you're near Carmel or not, the time has finally arrived to contact your local authorized dealer if you're ready and waiting for Breitling's arrival in the USA. You can find the full list of ADs here, and stores will be launching the collection over the coming weeks.