Breitling Black Bentley Watch Hands-On

If you would have told me sight-unseen that a rubber-clad timepiece would make a watch I would have never believed you. Then it started to happen, high-end brands began to experiment with coatings of vulcanized rubber on watches. It started with bezel pieces, crowns, and pushers. Then brands like Breitling said "screw it, let's just coat the entire damn thing in rubber." That is where pieces like the original Black Bentley came from. Since then, replica breitling Bentley Mulliner has offered a range of Maxi Marine based watches coated in rubber. There was a blue model, and some with trim details of various styles such as a Boca Raton boutique-only piece available in Florida with a gold bezel. This is the first Bentley version of the rubber-clad design.

The watch is called the replica breitling bentley flying b and as a diver, it is water resistant to 200 meters with a rotating diver's bezel. While few people actually go underwater with a watch like this, the dial does represent its utilitarian theme with bold hands and hour indicator. One thing that surprisingly seems to work are the skeletonized hands. Lately I have noticed a huge personal dislike of skeletonized hands. Mainly because they often serve no purpose other than to make reading the dial more difficult. Designers use them for two reasons.

First for the practical reason to make seeing dial underneath the hands more visible. That makes sense, and is often a balance of trading off legibility for being able to see dial information more of the time. The second reason is purely for design. This I hate. This is when designers think skeletonized hands look cool in CAD drawings and computer renders. They could care less that it takes the utility level of an actual watch down a few steps - not knowing that the materials used to make the dials and hands drastically effect what it looks like in real life as compared to the computer images. This is especially bad when there is nothing under the hands on the dial you need to see. Keep away from those watches. In this case, Breitling takes a much more practical approach. The hands are skeletonized in order to make viewing Bentley subdials possible more of the time.