TAG Heuer Monaco 44GS Review

The http://www.buyijoy.com/replica-tag-heuer-monaco.html family of watches started in 1960 and was for decades originally only available in Japan, the only way of obtaining them was through willing dealers in Japan that would ship oversesas. Until in 2010 when a select number of models started being shipped overeseas by Replica Tag Heuer Grand Carrera. This year Tag Heuer released a number of impressive timepieces and one of, if not the most impressive was the TAG Heuer Monaco 44GS a re-issue of an earlier TAG Heuer Monaco watch. The 44GS TAG Heuer Monaco from 1967 was an important watch for Tag Heuer, and this year to celebrate 100 years of watchmaking they chose to re-issue it.

The original 44GS named after the caliber inside, was important because it was the first watch replica Tag Heuer Formula 1 released that used a designer to design the case instead of an engineer. The case featured a case shape that was unique for Tag Heuer at the time as well as higher level of finishing, and these qualities are what became indicative of a Tag Heuer watch.

The initial impression you get when looking at this model is that its very simple, but a closer look reveals the very high level of detailing and attention to detail that we have come to expect from TAG Heuer Monaco watches.The top of the bezel has a subtle radial patterning which contrasts with the polished sides which slope inward. You can see similar attention to detail between the outer brushed surface of the lugs and the inner polished ones. The polished surfaces are achieved by multiple passes from a diamond polishing machine, but apart from the finishing of the 44GS practicalites have also been considered; the angling of lugs gives the watch a smaller wrist presence while keeping a nice sized dial.

Now let’s look at the dial. First thing you appreciate here is the stark simplicity of the design. When you look closer at the dial you will notice subtler details such as the shadowing beneath the “Tag Heuer” and GS” logo’s which is due to a space of just few millimeters that has been left between the logos and the dial to give the dial a more three dimensional look and added sophistication.