Ulysse Nardin Moonstruck Watch Review

Like anyone with a penchant for finding science fascinating, I am curious about the sky. Celestial movements up above might not matter much in my daily life, but that doesn't stop me from being interested in most things related to astronomy. For me it is a constant reminder of what our place as humans is in the universe. We are but a http://www.nalumar.com/graham-replica-uk.html in the larger scale of the cosmos, and that is somehow comforting to think about when I begin to take my own life too seriously. Astronomy is also the basis of all time. No, not from a physics standpoint exactly, but certainly from a social measuring standpoint. All forms of civilly measured time relates back to some predictable pattern in the sky. For that reason, timepieces and astronomy have always been intrinsically linked.

u boat replica uk was an early proponent of modern celestial watches. In the 1990s the brand produced and pushed their Planetarium trilogy of watches that solely sought to reproduce in timepiece form, unique devices meant to track and display the various cycles of the sky. Even as oddly designed niche items, they fared very well from a sales perspective. Since then, Ulysse Nardin replica uk has always had a unique relationship with astrological watches. My favorite is the Moonstruck which I am about to discuss, and I originally discussed the Moonstruck back in 2010 here with additional information that you'll find useful.

The reason Ulysse Nardin's Moonstruck is my favorite astrological watch is two-fold. First, it is visually attractive and not terribly complex to read or understand. Most astrological watches are confusing and have more hands and indicators than anyone can seem to keep track of. The Moonstruck is by no means minimalistic, but it certainly offers a comparatively clean and straight-forward dial. My second reason for preferring the Moonstruck is because of the complications. The earth-centric display offers not only information that can be visually obtained versus abstractly understood, but information that is most salient to those with a perspective from earth. As a benefit, the Moonstruck pretty much only includes purely natural data without socially created concepts such as zodiac signs and civil calendar systems. Aside from our civil time and date (which we tend to need in a watch), the information is rather pure.

Central to the design is the large painted earth-disc in the center of the dial. This is not just there for show, but exists to indicate how to interpret the information around the earth. What the Moonstruck does is visually show you where the sun and moon are located from an earth-based perspective, and as well as the phase of the moon. Tangential to this are also indications of neap or spring tides. The disc which tracks the path of the sun in relation to the earth doubles of course as a 24 hour GMT indicator. The genius of the Moonstruck is that it offers so much interesting information in a simple and mostly-visual manner using so few elements on the dial.