Ulysse Nardin Moonstruck Watch

The development behind the Moonstruck is of course thanks to u boat replica uk's noteworthy relationship with Ludwig Oechslin - a man who all watch collector's should be familiar with. He is also responsible for the famous Planetarium trilogy collection. What he has created with the Moonstruck is a beautiful, useful, astrological watch that allows the wearer to also have a GMT timepiece with the date. The pushers on the left side of the case are for quickly advancing the hour hand back and forth making the Moonstruck also an excellent travel piece. This same functionality is also seen on Graham replica uk's famous Dual Time movements.

While I am not going to get into the math, the design of the caliber UN 106 is such that the celestial indicators are extremely accurate. The moonphase indicator only requires adjustment each 120 years. Oechslin is a known stickler for this type of accuracy. Of course the watch needs to remain running for all this to function. So Ulysse Nardin sells it with a http://www.nalumar.com/ulysse-nardin-replica-uk.html watch winder case. I also like that the dial is practically a lesson in basic elements of how the earth, sun, and moon work together. You can not only see the phase of the moon, but the phase of the moon as it relates to its position in context with the sun. Thus, the moon not only revolves around the earth, but it also changes phases, which of course is related to its position relative to available sunlight. The concept brings a serious smile to my face. Ulysse Nardin includes a rather straight forward instruction manual on how to set the watch - which can pretty easily be done by a non-trained owner. First, they include a chart of full moon times so that when setting the moon phase you know what time precisely it will be full. Second, there is a very thorough Moonstruck instruction manual that details how to use and set the watch. It is impressively comprehensive.

OK, so let's go over what functions the Moonstruck watch has that I find of value or at least interesting. I am not terribly interested in the tidal indicators because it doesn't affect me much since I don't live on the beach. Perhaps some day... The time and date are of course useful to me. I was worried at first that the mostly hidden hands would be difficult to read, but Ulysse Nardin coats them with lume and makes them nice and fat, and prominent. The date is useful though the hand keeps making me think it is a GMT hand. I need to look at the sun for that, and remind myself that it is not pointing to a date. This is probably the only watch I've seen with the date indicators on the bezel. Though, in a piece such as this I suppose it is fitting. The GMT "sun" hand is useful as well, and the quick hour hands change for traveling is also useful. While the moon phase indicator isn't useful to me (or anyone really) it is applied in such a manner as to make is so educational it sits at the core of the design. The name of the watch again is "Moonstruck."