Rolex Turn-O-Graph Thunderbird – The Other Datejust

Despite the connection with the Thunderbirds and the fantastic reputation of the brand, the was ultimately a slow seller, and production discontinued in the late 1970s. Rolex subsequently launched a modern version of the Turn-O-Graph in the early 2000s (reference 116264), but once again buyers weren’t convinced, and the model had a relatively short lifespan.

Today, the tag heuer carrera replica au are still considered an oddity by most collectors, and aren’t aggressively sought after the way other models from the time are. They consistently remain undervalued as compared to standard 1601/1603 Datejusts, and offer a great point of entry for those starting a collection. As with just about everything else Rolex, the Thunderbird will likely have its day in the sun as collector trends evolve, and their relatively low price points probably won’t last.

As mentioned previously, the current market value on these models is less than you might expect. Early examples of the rolex replica au can be found in steel for as little $2500 and up, about $750-$1500 less than their standard Datejust counterparts. Two-Tone models generally start around $3000, with excellent examples reaching into the $4000-$5000 range at most. Very rare models with retailer/logo dials (or the elusive solid gold versions) can run up to $10000 – still a bargain compared to many vintage Rolex models, and a great alternative to choosing a new model. Again, given their limited production and relative rarity as compared to standard Datejust models, these unusual pieces are an excellent way to get into collecting vintage Rolex in a different way.

Finally the third series, introduced in 2000 used in-house movements. With this series a new chapter in the saga of the Daytona was written with the arrival of high-tech and very elegant variations, introducing new terms in the dictionary of horology: Everose, Cerachrom and Parachrom. These three terms correspond to the innovative construction materials of the housing (Everose), bezel (Cerachrom) and spring (Parachrom).

So to this year and for the iconic model’s 50th anniversary, Rolex released a solid platinum version with an “ice blue” dial matched with a brown ceramic bezel and chronograph subdials. Also to mark the event of its 50th anniversary an exhibition on the Rolex Daytona has just opened at the Bon Marché in Paris and will go on till October 26.