Cartier Santos Watches

For one thing you actually turn the crown counter-clockwise versus clockwise to wind it (but don’t forget that it is an automatic). Nothing major, but still a quirk. To adjust the time there is another flat crown mounted on the caseback. You need to pull it out a bit then and use it to turn the two sapphire crystal discs that indicate the minutes and hours. Cool and weird at the same time in my opinion.

Cartier likes to play with the decorative elements on the watch. An especially nice area for art is the plate underneath the Santos. This plate is routinely machine guilloche engraved to offer a beautiful look that you need to seek out under the Santos while it is spinning. Speaking of which, machine guilloche engraving is what makes up most of my favorite Cartier Central Santos watch. A very discreet model with no brand name on the dial. All there is to remind you it is an cartier roadster replica is the brand logo placed in as part of the Santos carriage.

The model I am referring to is pictured in this article, but I am not sure which specific model number it is. The omega seamaster replica uk watch has an 18k rose gold case and totally hand-machine guilloche engraved dial done in a very traditional manner. The Central Tourbilon is very visible as are the blue hour markers and hands. In this case the contrast between the blue markers on the sapphire crystals and the dial is very high. This makes reading these solid dial models a pleasure.

My main complaint on the skeletonized pieces is that the hour and minute hands are often very difficult to spot – making legibility less than optimal. Cartier actually tried to remedy this as much as possible by using a complex metallization technique that applies a rounded metal markers on the sapphire crystal (as opposed to flatter ones), but it does not help enough. This is most an issue because on the skeletonized pieces the mostly gold hands blend in with the dark gray and gold movements too much. I have a feeling I know what Cartier is going to work out next in their Central Santos watch collection.

Wearing these watches makes me feel very special. They are models that almost no one knows about from a brand that almost everyone knows about. I think of them as being “secret Cartiers” for the educated brand lover. How much do they cost? I was told in the range of about $80,000 each. Look for more of these special Cartier Central Santos watches to come each few years and production to remain low and steady for only the most passionate brand collectors.