Cartier Santos 100 Watch Review

The heftier cousin to the Chronograph Modern watch collection is the These slightly thicker models come in 45mm wide cases with 300 meters of water resistance and rotating bezels. Being the avant-garde brand that Cartier Santos Dumont out of Zurich is, not all of the rotating bezels even have indicators on them.This stylish element is either "cool" or "infuriating," depending on your perspective. Although the lack of indicators of any kind on the bezel removes most of the timepiece's "tool watch cred," it does admittedly make for a high-fashion look, with available bezel inserts in colors such as red, orange, and blue. The bezel insert material is something called "HyCeram," a Swiss-made material that is said to chemically bind high-tech ceramics with polymers for a durable, colorful result. So, can you handle a omega seamaster replica uk watch with a "clean" rotating diver's bezel? Actually, you can order one with a traditional diver's bezel, if you so desire...

cartier pasha replica watches aren't like those from most brands in the sense that you can't simply ask for a model or a style name. One has to be aware that almost anything is swappable, but that you go to the brand directly in order to get a properly "curated" timepiece. Sure there are specific Cartier Santos 100 watches on their website, and each is a design envisioned by brand founder Daniel Dreifuss - and he tends to make some very hip looking stuff - but your options really aren't limited to those.

In theory, if you would have explained this particular layout of colors and styles to me, I would not have thought it a good idea. Mix red and yellow? A bezel with no indicators? Nevertheless, it somehow works together, and in a way that does not particularly agitate my sensibility to be way more into function than form. Many Cartier Santos Dumont items are fashion watches for people who don't like to say that they like "fashion" anything.

At 45mm wide, the Cartier Santos 100 isn't too heavy, as the case and bezel are in titanium. The case here is in PVD black-coated titanium while the bezel is in natural titanium with the red insert. In fact, the heaviest part of the watch feels like the movement, which unfortunately isn't viewable through the solid caseback of the Cartier Santos 100 watches, unlike the standard Chronograph Modern models with exhibition casebacks.